Run Puritas 5K

I forgot to take a picture of the shirt, so imagine the above logo on a light grey t shirt. Then imagine the shirt being a perfect fit. Then imagine me wearing it everyday since Saturday. Hello, new favorite t shirt!

Saturday May 4th was the first annual Run Puritas 5K put on by Peace Racing. I’ve done a couple Peace Racing events in the past and for a small company I am always impressed. Great races, accurate courses, flat courses and fast awards after. They also have a giant inflatable finish line. Ryan and I always joke that we want one to run out of for our wedding.

My goal for this race was to run even 7 minute miles. Not run 6:30 for the first mile, 7:30 for the 2nd mile and want to crawl for the third mile. My second goal was to run faster than the 5K last week.

The gun went off and I immediately started out too fast but was able to get it under control fairly quickly. I paid attention to my breathing and how I felt and aimed to push myself but not kill myself. I wanted to have something in the tank for a strong finish. First mile was in the 7’s so I was happy with that and tried to pick it up for the 2nd mile. The course goes through a neighborhood I haven’t been in too much so there was a lot of new things for me to check out. I also ran with music for this race to keep myself in the zone.

Running with my eyes half closed and almost smiling. Makes me look special.
Running with my eyes half closed and almost smiling. Makes me look special.

The last mile is a very long straightaway and parts are on a brick road. Running on bricks can be a little tricky but I barely noticed them. I concentrated on pushing the last mile and as I got close to the last turn I realized I was in first! I had no idea how close the next female was but a good rule to remember while running is “NEVER LOOK BACK”. You mess up your form and lose time when you look back.

I couldn’t hear anyone but decided to push for a strong finish. As soon as I started to push the pace, I realized I was going to puke if I kept that up. If there was someone else close by, they would have taken the lead. As I made the last turn, I could see the finish line up ahead. The turn was onto a very smooth parking lot so it felt good and helped me to pick up the pace to finish. (even if I ended up puking at the finish)

Moja Finish
Moja Finish

I crossed the finish line in a time of 22:21 a 7:11 pace, 7th overall and 1st overall female. 40 seconds fast than the 5K last week and didn’t puke. This time is still far from my PR but I am still recovering from the Athens Marathon and gearing up for the Cleveland Marathon on May 19th. I will be going after a 5K PR after the Cleveland Marathon.

The race recap doesn’t end there. After I caught my breath I asked Ryan how he did. He was the first overall male!

First Overall Male-Ryan
First Overall Male-Ryan

Very exciting day for us as it was our first win as an engaged couple.

Overall winners
Overall winners

I think it’s safe to say we’ll have to come back next year to run as a married couple.

I love how we are smiling and laughing in this picture.
I love how we are smiling and laughing in this picture from our cool down.

Next race up is the Cleveland Marathon!!!

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