Cleveland Marathon Weekend is Upon us.

I have a crazy busy week this week but by Friday I will be hanging out with runners at the VIP dinner, Saturday I will be shopping at the marathon expo, Saturday night I will be carbo loading with friends and Sunday morning I will be at the starting line to run my 12th marathon. Immediately after the marathon Sunday I am off to one of my best friend’s baby shower. By Monday morning I will be sporting an awesome post marathon hobble walk and a shiny new finishers medal with a spinning guitar.

Finisher’s Medals

Hopefully, everyone has their bib number by now but don’t forget to pick up your packet at the expo. Every year I try not to spend too much at the expo. Every year I come back with new headbands, gu, water bottles and clothing items. Last year I couldn’t even run but still got myself a 26.2 shirt from 26.2 apparel and an awesome bag/purse from the Cleveland Marathon official merchandise area. The official items are always stellar! It’s really hard to hold myself back.

My “run” purse/bag

Please remember bags and backpacks are not allowed at the expo or at the start/finish area of the marathon. Also bags are subject to be searched.

Speaking of the start line. GET. THERE. EARLY!  The roads close early and some close earlier than listed. Save yourself the stress and leave early so that if your route is closed you still have time to find an alternate route (happened to me last year). Also get to the starting line and in your corral EARLY! The weather is looking to be nice so there is no excuse. Go to the bathroom, shed some clothes and get in your corral.

Perhaps your view will look like this on race morning

Lastly, line up where you belong. Do not line up at the front because you want to be up there. Runners in the front, walkers in the back and then line up according to pace groups. If you line up where you don’t belong it jams up the entire start line. I’ve seen it happen at many races and can be frustrating for all participants. The race is chip timed so you don’t have to be close to the front, your timing chip doesn’t start until YOU cross the start line (not when the gun goes off).

What are you most looking forward to this weekend? What is your starting line etiquette?

Good Luck to everyone! Can’t wait to see you all this weekend! Remember to have fun and make your own CLEVELAND EXPERIENCE!

Weather as of Thursday Morning.

This looks pretty good!




7 thoughts on “Cleveland Marathon Weekend is Upon us.

  1. My pre-race routine is going to the bathroom 3-5 times and nervously pacing (which could be a good warm up).. I’m looking forward to just soaking in the city. I don’t come up to Cleveland often, so it’s nice to see the neighborhoods and landmarks.

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