Cleveland Marathon Weekend 2013

I am beyond excited to race tomorrow, even with the heat that is predicted. I’ve already dialed my goal time back and if need, be I will dial it back more during the race. The goal is to finish and have fun.

So far, I have had a blast this weekend, even if it was really busy. Friday, I attended the VIP reception for the Cleveland Marathon.

IMG_1645[1] IMG_1647[1] IMG_1651[1]

Not only did I get to start the weekend with drinks and dinner, but I also got to spend it with the Official Cleveland Marathon Bloggers. An added bonus was getting to see some important people who work their guza’s off to make the Cleveland Marathon weekend a success.

Cleveland Marathon Bloggers
Saturday was quite busier than I expected but I decided to start the day by going to watch the 5K for the Cleveland Marathon. I love that they have this event. It’s a great way for everyone to be involved in the Cleveland Experience. Also, it finishes on the Browns football field! I even saw a guy who juggled while running!!!

IMG_1656[1]   IMG_1657[1]

Watching the 5K pumped me up for my own race tomorrow. After the 5K I headed out to the expo for packet pick-up and shopping.

Expo Goods
I have no restraint at marathon expos: 2 new shirts, gu, clif blocks and a new iPhone case.

Instead of heading home to rest after the expo, I headed out to help my Mom with some baking. This was not my usual pre-race ritual but it was nice to hang out with my mom and sister for a bit. They’ll be at the race tomorrow cheering and handing out ice to help cool down runners. Look for them around mile 17 and mile 23. Thanks Logo Mom and Logo Sister!

IMG_1664[1]  IMG_1668[1]

Phew! I’m tired just looking at how busy this weekend was. Luckily, I have my race day outfit picked out and I just finished carb-loading with friends. I feel as ready as I’ll ever be for the marathon tomorrow.


Eventually, I found some time to relax and have a few laughs with Ryan as we tried to take selfies with our pickle jars. We swear by pickle juice before long runs and marathons.


Good luck tomorrow everyone running Cleveland. Please remember to hydrate and adjust your goal times if you need to. Run Safe and HAVE FUN!!!

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