Moving On: New Marathon & New Training Plan

Even though I am still in mourning over not being able to finish the Cleveland Marathon 2013, I still signed up for Cleveland Marathon 2014. The prices are hard to beat right now.

  • Marathon: $50
  • Half: $40
  • 10K: $20
  • 5K: $10

Those prices are only until May 31, so register early and save BIG!

I also signed up for a fall marathon. I had 3 on my mind that I wanted to run but finally decided on the Erie Marathon (some refer to it as the Presque Isle Marathon).


Double loop course marathon around Presque Isle but I am looking forward to it. It is a smaller race but with the double loop course I should see a lot of spectators. Also, with the  I will already know what is coming and what to expect on the course. I even “talked” Ryan into driving out there for a practice run of the course.

There are a couple downsides to this race:

  1. It is on a Sunday and I’m attending a wedding on Saturday. (2 hours away)
  2. I will be training throughout the rest of wedding planning, actual wedding and honeymoon.
  3. I have to be careful about tan lines for the first 9 weeks. Hopefully I can run in the early morning or in the shade.

The upside is that I can start training on Monday for a 16 week plan! Starting a new training plan so soon makes me feel like I can get my revenge on Cleveland early.

ErieMarathon2013Since the IT band is behaving, I am moving from 3 days a week of running, to 4 days a week of running. You would not believe how excited I am about that. It may not be listed but I’ll continue to attend yoga and pure barre classes when I can fit them in. I will also be playing flag football and sand volleyball.

Running/Getting Married/Post Wedding/Honeymoon/Anything goes week:

I am doing a long run the day before my wedding and a shorter one on my wedding day. I am not running because “I have to” or to get the training in. I am running because I  love it and I know it will put me in a good mood if I am stressed or over excited. The day after the wedding, I would not be surprised if Ryan and I went for a run. At the same time I would not be surprised if we took a rest day because we have a big family/bridal party brunch that day.

It will be rather warm where we are honeymooning and for the first couple days of we will not have access to a gym. It costs extra to go to the gym at the resort, $15 a day, so no gym I still plan on going for a run outside but the temperature will decide on the distance. I may end up running 10 miles a day or 3 miles a day. Maybe I’ll run everyday, maybe I won’t run at all and maybe I will swim laps instead. I’m leaving the post wedding/honeymoon week empty so that I don’t feel like I am obligated to follow a plan on vacation.

Anyone follow a training plan while on vacation? (I usually just wing it on vacation but always manage to get solid workouts in)

What do you think my chances of racerback tan lines for the wedding are? (Considering that the temperature is in the 50’s, I’m not too concerned)

7 thoughts on “Moving On: New Marathon & New Training Plan

  1. So glad that you have decided to conquer another marathon so soon! I am also running the Erie Marathon! We will have to meet up! Good luck with your training plan! Today’s weather won’t get you tan lines…maybe frost bit fingers! HA!

  2. 🙂 I know you will kick butt in September! Good luck and looking forward to reading about your training.

  3. I’m glad you already decided on another marathon, you will nail it. I haven’t run Erie before, but my current marathon PR is on a double loop course, it really is a great way to see more people and have more support along the way. My advice on double loop is to practice your long runs doing loops. (While training for Marshall in the fall, any run I did over 16 miles was broken into 2 loops, same one done twice) it really helped me mentally prepare for the race. The first will always feel a little eh mentally but the second loop always feels so much shorter!! You will do great.

    I think your training plan looks solid, and I think that training while wedding planning will actually be a good distraction for you. I could be wrong, but I just feel like it will be a good release if you get stressed (wedding planning can definitely get overwhelming, I’m in that boat).

    As for the tanlines, I think you’ll be okay if you run early morning or at night. And worse comes to worse, it’s not a huge deal, a little tanning lotion on raceback spot will do the trick. (A few years ago my friend got married, she’s a big runner too, and it got really sunny few weeks leading up to wedding. She had a racer back tanline on morning of wedding… I put a little insta glow tan lotion on it and you couldn’t even tell.

  4. Loving the new plan! You’re a brave runner to train before and after your wedding but I think that just goes to show how serious and in love you are with running! I’m having fun working my long runs (Saturdays too!) into my destinations. I’ll be running my first 6-mile run (eek!) around Lake WIldwood in Varna, Illinois this weekend- hopefully not too hungover.

  5. Oh my gosh, Erie is on my list of fall races too! I am torn between Erie & Akron – I ran the Akron relay last year and surprisingly enjoyed the hills during the Flying Pig this year, so I’m debating between gunning for a huge PR at Erie or a just for fun marathon in Akron!

    Your training plan looks great! I’m glad to hear the IT band is holding up & that you are feeling better!

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