St. Mark’s Run For The Arts 5K

I’d been looking forward to this race for many reasons. 1.) It was in my neighborhood. 2.) I couldn’t run last year due to injury. 3.) First race back after Cleveland Marathon/Norovirus.

After getting my packet, I went for 1.5 mile warm up run. However, as soon as I started running I was having stomach cramps. I barely made it a mile and decided that was good enough. I’ve had stomach cramps while warming up before and usually they go away by the time the race starts. Saturday they did not. I decided I would do what I could but wasn’t holding my breath for a PR.

The race started, I fumbled with my garmin (it was on the wrong screen!) and within the first minute I took the lead for the women. WooHoo! Before the first mile, I could feel the stomach cramps coming back on and I would have to slow my pace.

Just about to lose the lead
Just about to lose the lead

Just before mile 1 I lost the lead. I was passed by 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 girls and my friend Ben who was pushing his son in a stroller. What’s funny is I can remember what each of the girls were wearing. Probably because I was hoping to catch them.

At the turn around I had already dipped down into my marathon running pace. There was nothing in the tank. It was very humid day and I had tired legs from earlier in the week but still expected to race better than I was.

I eventually caught the girl who was in 5th and was hoping to stay ahead of her the rest of the race.

Loving this color combo
Loving this color combo

I ended up the 5th overall female…but only by 4 seconds. Afterwards I was so tired I didn’t even cooldown, I went for a walk and I was done for the day. I stuck around for awards and even though I was not happy with my time (23:44), I was still 1st in my age group.

IMG_1778Little did I know, the next day I woke up with some horrible virus! Now wonder I was so tired and having a hard time running. I was coming down with something and didn’t know it yet. I battled a horrible sore throat all day Sunday and then could barely get out of bed Monday.

I’m finally feeling better now but not 100% yet but I think I am done being sick for the year. I’ve got races to run, a marathon to train for and a wedding to finish planning!


2 thoughts on “St. Mark’s Run For The Arts 5K

  1. Congrats on the AG win! May not be the time you were hoping for but that is still speedy and you pushed through the race! I hope you feel better soon, no fun being sick! And good luck with training and Wedding planning, so exciting on both levels!

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