Wedding Update: I’ve been a busy girl.

Overall, I am extremely happy with how everything is turning out and how well planned everything is going so far. My plan “get as much as I can done early in the year” plan is working out perfectly. Next weekend will be my 6 week mark, which according to wedding planning sites and timelines, things get kinda crazy. Instead, I have it all under control.

However, instead of stressing out about invitations, assembling, addressing, stamping, etc. I did a little bit here and there and before I knew it I was done! They were completed about a month before they actually needed to go out.

Hiding our last names because I like to make my stalkers work hard.
Hiding our last names because I like to make my stalkers work hard.
The whole invitation set
The whole invitation set

And before anyone thinks I am completely crazy and hole punched a million holes to make the belly band (belly band=thingy that hold the invitation and pieces together). I had this nifty hole puncher and punched it on about 2 inch strips of paper. TaDa!

Nifty hole puncher
Nifty hole puncher

Then they had to sit on the floor for a month because I didn’t want to mail them too early.

That's a lot of invites.
That’s a lot of invites.

Other things that have been completed are:

  • Flower Girl dress ordered and after having to switch vendors. I love the second dress even more.
  • Changed our first dance song but I’ll explain that in another post.
  • Bridesmaids dresses are in! I never really had a chance to see them in person until they were in and I love them. phew! They are pink, obviously, but I didn’t know if they would be hot pink, purply pink or coral pink. They are perfect and exactly what I pictured.
  • Finally, decided on a guest book, one that made my Mother and I both happy. (I really liked the finger print ones but she did not. With over 400 guests it’s kind of hard to do anyways)
  • Ryan and I picked out church music and started picking out “must play” songs for the DJ. Personal favorites are “Shout” and “Footloose”. Although, I talked Ryan into adding “Low” and “Country Grammar”. Hopefully those are played after the Bakas leave.
  • Picked out wedding bands. It was a lot easier than I expected. We both knew exactly what we wanted.
  • I had my first dress fitting and fell in love with my dress all over again. I especially love it bustled and I had no idea how the bustle would look when I ordered the dress. I did discover that the jewelry I planned on wearing didn’t really go. Good thing I took my jewelry with me to try on with my dress.
  • Found a ring bearer pillow! I didn’t want one of the tradition satin pillows and almost didn’t have a pillow instead. After searching on Etsy, I found one that I love! However, I am not going to show you til the wedding. I’m mean like that.
  • I got my shoes. It took me awhile to find a pair I liked and I was very limited. I needed a 2-3/4 length heel because that’s what I was measured in when I ordered my dress. I also needed them to be pink, which I couldn’t find so I had them dyed. They are perfect. Contact Parisxox on Etsy if you want yours done. Very fast turn around. Local shops in the area wanted me to buy their shoes to dye but they didn’t have the heel height I needed.
  • I found a cute mother of the bride and mother of the groom gift also on etsy. Pretty sure the gift will make them both cry but it’s really cute.
  • Garter-Found on Etsy. Think antique/bling.
  • Bridesmaids gifts-parts of them I got on Etsy but can’t give it away because some of my bridesmaids read this!

Are you seeing the Etsy trend here. I found so many great wedding items there. I was looking for some special touches and to make the wedding a little different from a traditional wedding.

Coming up next:

  • Picking out readings for mass and meeting with the priest one last time before the rehearsal.
  • Last dress fitting and hair and make-up trial. I’m doing them on the same day so I’ll have an idea what I’ll look like on our wedding day.
  • Wedding Shower– my cousin/matron of honor is absolutely amazing. If she didn’t have kids of her own I’d owe her my first born.
  • Finishing my “cork project“. Yet another thing I won’t show you til after the wedding but very exciting about this added touch.
  • Adding ribbon to the bubbles. I actually almost forgot about the bubbles! The bubbles were cheaper without ribbons so I bought my own and am tying them on.
  • Ripping out my hair. Oops I mean making the seating chart. Just waiting on all the RSVPs to start that one.
  • Bachelorette Party-Another huge thanks to my MOH for this one. Ashley, if you ever need a kidney, lung or anything else I have a double of, it’s all yours. You Rock!
  • Ceremony Programs-Hoping to start these next week after we meet with the priest.

Am I forgetting anything? I still need my something blue and something borrowed but I’m working on it.

Reception last dance song, fast or slow? I’m thinking fast but what are your favorites.

Disclosure: If you are a Bride and really want to know a specific etsy item, email me and I will gladly share. There will be a lot of blog posts after the wedding. Sorry/your welcome.

12 thoughts on “Wedding Update: I’ve been a busy girl.

  1. I love how organized about all this you are, I really need to be this way next year when things get closer! Your invitations are super cute, seems like you really have everything under control! Did you use a wedding planning book/binder or anything? I’ve been using “the knot” online and a little planned I have just for wedding stuff.

    As for cork project: My wedding isn’t until next year and I started a “cork project” from the moment we decided the “ambiance/theme” we wanted. Everyone I know is collecting corks for me! We are getting married in Finger Lakes Wine country so a lot of the stuff for the wedding will match that. I am making place card holders out of corks, centerpieces with corks/wine bottles…love love love it!

  2. Go with something mid-tempo that everyone knows for the last song. Don’t Stop Believing is pretty standard, if you’re into country at all Wagon Wheel is another one that will be big this year. My personal favorite that i played at a wedding I DJ’d was A Whole New World from Aladdin, the place went nuts.

  3. Your invites look awesome! And yes, making the seating chart sucks. I think it was the worst of everything I did. That’s alright though, it all worked out! I think the fact that I made the poster on Publisher and then found a bunch of errors AFTER I had already sent it to the printer set me off the edge. But it ended up being great!
    I also decided that tying ribbons on 250 bubbles was just too time consuming. I wanted to, but it took forever and then didn’t even look good 😦 oh well!
    I found my readings on this site (even though we didn’t have a Catholic ceremony). I liked the fact it just had a bunch of ideas. And I chose the ones that weren’t as common.
    For our last dance song, we used “Good Riddance” by Green Day. It was like right in the middle and people slow danced. Although we’re both huge rock fans so that’s why we chose it 🙂
    I agree on the Etsy. I got so much from there and it was so worth it. And my comment is now a book so I’m just going to end there. Can’t wait to see more!!

  4. I loved Etsy during wedding planning!! We got my husbands wedding band, my garter, bridal party gifts, my hair flower, and some of my jewelry. And I loved it all!

  5. I cannot even believe how cute your HOMEMADE invites turned out!!! I’m seriously impressed…especially when you multiply them by a zillion. You rock!!! Can’t believe you’re only 6 weeks out…time really flies. i’m sure everything will be perfect – just don’t rip out ALL your hair – extensions are expensive ;o)

  6. You are ON it!!! Final song? I vote fast! I kept telling my DJ I wanted him to play Kanye West! When the last song came on it was something slow and he wanted us to get in the center of a circle and hand people the microphone and have them tell us something sweet like a good luck wish, blah blah blah BARF.I was so pissed! All I wanted to do was dance to Kanye West! So I yelled at him and said ‘I’m not doing this! I hate this! Give me Kanye West bro!’ And he stopped his lame idea and I got to shake my money maker one last time to Kanye! Haha 🙂 I promise it was my only diva moment and I’m sure it had nothing to do with the cocktails I had been downing all night!

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