Running For Hope 5K Winner & Erie Training Weeks 3 & 4

I used random.org to pick my winner. One of these days I will get up to speed and use rafflecopter but for now I’m still old school.

And the winner is…………… SARA!!!!!!

Good Luck at the race!


If I thought marathon training was going to be busy while planning a wedding, it just got worse with multiple asthma attacks the past 2 weeks. Running is a lot harder when you can’t breathe! Luckily, I’m really good at controlling my asthma and even have a doctor’s appointment today…even if I was at urgent care yesterday.

Training Week 3:

Monday: Rest Day
Tuesday: Track was packed and I was crunched for time so I hopped on the treadmill. 1 mile WU, 4-800s at 3:35, 3:35, 3:20, 3:21 and 1 mile CD
Wednesday: last flag football game of the summer
Thursday: Sand volleyball game
Friday: 4 mile run
Saturday: 3 mile run and conditioning
Sunday: 2 mile WU and then the Park 2 Park Half Marathon


Total Mileage: 26 miles

Training Week 4:

Monday: Rest day and a massage
Tuesday: Speedwork. 1 mile WU, 5-800s at 3:21, 3:22, 3:25, 3:26, 3:23 and 1 mile CD. Speedwork was tough this week, I really struggled with the first 3.
Wednesday: 6 on the trails
Thursday: 4 before work. Ryan was awesome and biked next to me since I was still dark out…at 4:30am. After work we had a mini date night, driving range, sushi and a stop at the candy store 🙂 then I had to head off to volleyball.

Best sushi ever at Mizu Sushi in Parma!
Best sushi ever at Mizu Sushi in Parma!

Friday: Rest Day…conditioning day
Saturday: I had a busy Saturday morning so I ran 12 miles, went to work on a project for work and then finished the last 4 on the trail. Those last 4 on the trail were very hot! 16 total for the day

16 mile long run reward
16 mile long run reward

Sunday: Easy 4 mile run

Total Mileage: 35

My training paces have been all over the place with the heat and with my asthma. Hoping to get the asthma under control today and the heat I just have to deal with. It is summer in Cleveland.

3 thoughts on “Running For Hope 5K Winner & Erie Training Weeks 3 & 4

  1. Your training still looks really solid with being so busy, and dealing with less than ideal weather! I don’t have asthma, but I know a lot of runners who do and say it can be hard to manage so it’s good that you are on top of controlling it! Boo to having to go to urgent care, that’s never fun! And that long run reward looks fabulous

  2. I always joked (kind of…) that if I were ever in my life going to willingly train for a marathon, it would be so that I could eat cupcakes and pasta and not feel as guilty on heavy training days/weeks. That may still remain my motivation 🙂 Sorry your asthma kicked up, I’m fortunate I don’t have it, but I couldn’t imagine having to deal with that in this heat/humidity!

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