My Lovely Bridal Shower: Part 1

Sunday morning, I woke up easily at 6am and put on my running clothes to head out for nice easy run. I ran 16 miles the day before so I was just looking to keep the legs fresh.  So, I went out for an easy 4 miles. I would have gladly done 6-8, but it was hot and I didn’t want to overdo it. When I got home, I showered, worked on some wedding stuff, and did a couple things around the house.  It was barely 8am! I love waking up early and getting things done so early.

I was a little tired, though, so I ran down to Dunkin’ Donuts for my usual: Iced hazelnut coffee with cream and sugar. I went home and debated going to church, but decided that with such a long day ahead of me that I would relax at home, drink my coffee and paint my nails. I even texted my cousin/MOH to tell her “I feel like I just did a dry run of my wedding morning. Up early, run, shower, coffee and then head to the salon to get ready. hahaha lol I’m a crazy person.” Thank God she loves me and deals with my crazy texts.

Not long after I got home from Dunkin’ Donuts, I realized my breathing was getting bad. I had a mini asthma attack last weekend and was having trouble breathing Saturday night, so I was kind of used to it. I remained calm, continued to drink my coffee, took my inhaler and some allergy meds, and waited for something to kick in.

2 hours later, my breathing started to get really bad.  So, I headed to the Urgent Care Center hoping to get a breathing treatment and head to my bridal shower. Luckily, on a Sunday afternoon the place was dead. Of course I was all dressed up for my shower and I told them I was supposed to be there soon. They immediately got my paperwork and got me into a room so the doctor could see me. I was still pretty calm and just concentrating on breathing. I sent out a few texts to let some people know my status and was pretty confident I would be in and out in no time.

The doctor came in and almost immediately got me going on a breathing treatment machine.

IMG_1872I made a joke when I posted this picture on Instagram asking if my hair was ok. I finished the breathing treatment and still was  not breathing any better. This is when the doctor started talking about my options and about going to the E.R. So, I started crying. I don’t even know why I was crying. At this point I couldn’t breathe and wasn’t even concerned about missing the shower. I think I was more concerned in trying to decide if I should go to the E.R. or not. I wasn’t hyperventilating or wheezing but I definitely was not breathing normally and was afraid at any moment it was going to be a full on attack.

Eventually, the doctor decided to give me a steroid shot (in my butt!!! holy ouch!!!) and called in a new inhaler to see if that would work. If it didn’t, I had to go to the E.R. immediately. He even looked up the closest E.R.’s that were close to my shower location so that if I needed to go, I knew where the closest one was. Before I left, I was a mess, and was starting to hyperventilate from crying and breathing. I was told to limit my talking for the day. Ummm yeah, that’s kind of hard when you are the center of attention at a shower. Once they calmed me down, they let me leave, but said they were calling to check on me in a few hours and needed me to answer to give them an update. If I went to the E.R. I needed to call and let them know as well. I think I gave them a pretty good scare.

Is it possible to register for a new set of lungs? I’ll take 2

Immediately when I left the Urgent Care I called Ryan to give him an update. I could already tell by his voice that he was worried. The update wasn’t the greatest but the plan was to remain calm, pick up my inhaler, go home, and wait 20 minutes to see if I calmed down and if I could breathe. I told Ryan to call my Mom to fill her in and fill in my cousin/MOH who was having quite the stressful day. I also was in serious need of fixing my makeup.

The time was now 1:45pm and my lovely shower was slated to start at 2pm…on the other side of town. What had started out as such a nice, normal, relaxing morning had spiraled into complete craziness and a chance that I wouldn’t make my own bridal shower. Going through my mind was: “What happens if I can’t make my own shower?” “Will Ryan take over for me?” “Will Ryan have to meet me at the E.R.?” “Will the guests have lunch, mingle and call it a day?” “Am I the worst bride ever?” “AM I REALLY GOING TO MISS THIS PERFECT BRIDAL SHOWER THAT MY COUSIN/MOH IS THROWING US?”

In the meantime, Ryan was at the shower, greeting guests, attempting to remain calm and told my mother and close friends “My worst nightmare is that she won’t make it and I’ll have to open presents by myself up there.”

To think that days before my only concern was a chance of rain or a thunderstorm that was predicted.

6 thoughts on “My Lovely Bridal Shower: Part 1

  1. I would have been hyperventilating too!! You poor thing. What horrible timing!! I can’t even imagine the worry and panic Ryan was feeling! Mark would have needed to go to the ER if he had to open presents at the shower – it’s his worst nightmare too.

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