Erie Training Week 5

After my asthma attacks during weeks 3 and 4, I was forced into a full week of rest. Not ideal when marathon training and already have a hectic schedule due to wedding planning.

Breathe Damn It!
Breathe Damn It!

The good news is after going to the doctor, the urgent care and the emergency room I can breathe again.

But it took a while to get there and I’ve been given the green light to start running again but have to take it easy. I can’t just jump right back into my plan or go do speedwork yet. I also have to be super careful about the weather and running outside with the humidity. Probably taking a lot of runs to the treadmill instead.

So a week of no running, a week or more of taking it easy, leaves me wondering about if I’ll actually run this marathon….

and I’m ok with that.

This has thrown a kink in my plans but there is nothing else I can do about it. The good news is registration was fairly cheap compared to other marathons so if I have to skip this one that’s fine. I’ll be able to work on getting faster in the half marathon and other shorter distances instead. I signed up for this marathon specifically to re-qualify and run a good time. I know I can go out and easily run a sub 4 hour marathon, it’s the sub 3:35 that I’m worried about. The bad news is I was hoping to re-qualify for Boston on this course so that Ryan and I can run our second Boston as husband and wife 😦 The good news is I’m going to Boston no matter what to cheer on Ryan.

For now, the plan is to ease back into running and see what happens. Who knows maybe I’ll have some awesome training and will be able to run and maybe I won’t and I’ll have to scrap this one. Either way I’m just happy I can breathe better again and that I’m allowed to run again.

Disclosure: It’s a holiday week and 25 days before my wedding so I did not proofread this. I did keep misspelling “breathe” as “breath” though and I fixed those. While typing this disclosure I made a typo trying to spell “misspell” I spelled it as “mispell” and now they both look wrong.

2 thoughts on “Erie Training Week 5

  1. I’m glad you are doing better and given the green light to run, even if its just easy runs. Don’t rule out Erie yet, you are a strong runner with a great base and that will help you get back into the swing of things. I love that you keep pointing out the “good news”–staying positive will work wonders!

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