Another One Bites The Dust

I wonder what I was laughing at? Swear I wasn't drinking that much yet.
I wonder what I was laughing at? Swear I wasn’t drinking that much yet.

I debated writing and publishing this post because like most bachelorette parties there were some NSFW photos (NSFW=Not Safe For Work). Then I debated writing it even longer because it reminded me of the nasty hangover I received from it. I’m thankful that no one took a photo of me at the end of the night, the next morning or as I was puking out the car door on the drive home.

Let’s rewind.

Unlike most bachelorette parties, I wanted to go for a run, go paint balling or to a firing range, followed by drinking and playing flip cups in the yard. For many reasons I knew that was not going to happen. Instead I requested a spa day followed by dinner and drinks Downtown.

IMG_1906 IMG_1907 IMG_1908

We headed to PJ’s Day Spa in Fairview Park. I’d never been there before but I loved it! We had not only our own room but an entire floor to ourselves. Mini kitchen, nail area, cool fountains, massage rooms and bathrooms. Not sure there are many other places that we’d receive such good treatment.

After the spa some people went home, some people went to get ready at the hotel and some came to get ready at the house with me. Time was flying by but I have to thank my bridesmaid Eli for snapping pictures throughout the day and night. Otherwise I wouldn’t have very many.

Eli and Steph hooked me up with a sash and crown. Bachelorette Barbie!
Eli and Steph hooked me up with a sash and crown. Bachelorette Barbie!

We had about 15 girls, including my Mom, sister and future Mother in law and we all met up at Chinato for dinner. I haven’t been there in awhile but the food was good and our service was perfect….they were even nice when I broke my wine glass.

Swear I wasn't drunk...yet
Swear I wasn’t drunk…yet

After dinner my Mom, sister, future MIL and my cousin/MOH all left. I was sad my MOH had to leave but she had a family emergency. Still she made sure that she put girls in charge and made sure I had a good night. She was also the one that arrange a perfect night out for me.

So glad we got a pic! My wonderful MOH
So glad we got a pic! My wonderful MOH

It was too early to go to the bars and start dancing so we headed over to the casino for a bit. The casino in Cleveland is still fairly new (been open a little over a year?) but it was my first time going and I won!!!

WinningMoney All the girls CroatianGirls

We were really good about staying together and keeping track of all the girls and only stayed at the casino for an hour before heading over to W.6th. I have not been out on W.6th in years and I had an absolute blast! We hit up an old favorite, Velvet Dog rooftop bar and a newer one The Barley House. Made me feel like I was 22 all over again.

The girls at Velvet Dog
The girls at Velvet Dog

I have to thank all my girls for coming out and making sure I had a blast on my last night out as a single lady. They all made sure I had a good time and spoiled me with sexy gifts.

Lots of pink! Love it!
Lots of pink! Love it!

The next morning I woke up and was so proud that after beer, wine, beer, shots, beer, beer, beer, shot, beer, beer, that I wasn’t hungover. It was a miracle! Then as we left the hotel, we got in the elevator and I suddenly felt hungover. Luckily Eli drove down with me and was able to drive me home.

I asked one of our groomsmen if he had a hangover cure and he sent me this.

Baby growler of Jackie O's Mandala
Baby growler of Jackie O’s Mandala

Things I left out of this post, the guy who bought us shots at the casino, the new boyfriend I picked up at the casino, the balloon penis hat (that eventually popped), the balloon strap on penis (oh wait you can kind of see it above), the weird guys who gave me a condom for my strap on, the weird guy who had a shirt with a picture of himself on it, losing and finding a girl at the end of the night and a picture of us all at the end of the night.

Blooper Photo:
Eli’s camera went off and she snapped this gem of me.

Patience Party Girl
Patience Party Girl

Looking back at my bachelorette party makes me realize how awesome my friends are! Cannot wait to celebrate with them all in 17 days!

4 thoughts on “Another One Bites The Dust

  1. Awe, looks like a fabulous time! Love the pics and recap, glad you had fun and let loose for a night…ya gotta do that once in a while! 🙂 You’ve gotta be smiling ear to ear after a great bachelorette party and little over 2 weeks until your big day!

  2. A girl got lost/found at the end of the night???? How did I miss this??? Bahaha so much fun!!!! Less than two weeks until the big day!!!! XoXo 😀

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