The Rehearsal Dinner

I’m Back!!!

Wow! Can you believe it has been a month since my last post?!?! I was so busy I didn’t even realize it. Between prepping for the wedding, the wedding, the honeymoon and the puppy (more on that soon) I have about 50 wedding posts to share with you guys. Just kidding, it’s closer to 25 🙂

Let’s start with the rehearsal dinner. Best way to get your entire wedding party and family to rehearsal dinner on time….tell them it starts 15 mins earlier than when they are supposed to be there.

Rehearsal DInner
This was a rough draft so it said 5:45 in the evening.

Our priest was pretty impressed that everyone was there early. He is known for having a speedy mass and told us the rehearsal is very quick and over in less than 30 mins. Are you serious? Most rehearsal dinners I have been to spend 20 minutes trying to figure out how to walk everyone down the aisle.

The Groom & his parents
The Groom & his parents
It was a long walk so I took a nap.
It was a long walk so I took a nap.

Our priest was not kidding. He literally went through everything ridiculously fast. We didn’t go over the readings, music, vows or anything.

I love each of the guys expressions in this picture.
I love each of the guys expressions in this picture.
These guys did sooo good at rehearsal. Plus they are adorable!
These guys did sooo good at rehearsal. Plus they are adorable!

Before I knew it the rehearsal was over and we were on our way to dinner.

Months before the wedding Ryan and I were searching for a place to have the rehearsal dinner and were having a really hard time. Some places were too expensive, others too far, some didn’t seat enough people and some had boring menus. Eventually a light bulb went on and we remembered that the Winking Lizard in Lakewood had a bowling alley/party room in the basement as well as a party room upstairs.

We went with the party room upstairs and it was perfect! We had our own bar with 2 bartenders, tons of tables to sit at, couches to relax on and an area set up for the buffet line. We had a choice of many different things on their catering menu but went with the chicken sandwich bar. You got tons of chicken and toppings (dressings, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles, cheeses etc.) and we picked 2 sides, salad and french fries. So if you didn’t want a chicken sandwich you could turn it into a salad! I love the Winking Lizard and their food so this was perfect. Plus the space upstairs is really nice!

Ash, Me, Ry & Hope
Ash, Me, Ry & Hope

I did what I could to take pics but really I stole most of them from everyone else.

College Girlfriends
College Girlfriends

So thanks everyone for snapping pics for me to steal (Kyle, Melanie, Eli, Hope & Renee). I don’t need pics for the memories. I need them for blogging!

Me with the McCartney's!
Me with the McCartney’s!

Wedding planning went so well but it wasn’t 100% perfect. A gift I ordered on Etsy for my Bridesmaids never arrived 😦 It was pretty much the main gift for them. A cute handmade clutch in black and white that I hoped they’d be able to use again or at least use as a makeup bag. I ordered it 8 weeks in advance and it was supposed to ship in 6 weeks so I expected to have it 2 weeks early. I contacted the seller and was promised it would be here in time.

The day of the rehearsal dinner I had my fingers crossed that it would be there and it didn’t make it. I contacted the seller and pretty sure she never mailed them because she was quick to give me a refund. Kind of embarrassing that I didn’t have the gift I wanted for my girls and I also didn’t have a purse for myself the day of the wedding. The girls still got wine, custom made mirrors and earring/necklaces to wear for the wedding day but I still feel bad that they didn’t get their full gift.

Ryan’s guys got some awesome gifts. He did really good while shopping for them. Some got shirts, craft beer, gift cards or baseball hats. They all got green argyle socks to wear for the wedding day though.

Please contain your excitement boys.
Please contain your excitement boys.

For my Flower Girl and Ring Bearer I really struggled on gifts for them. They are both so young and I didn’t want to get them something that said ring bearer or flower girl on it. After searching I eventually stumbled upon capes. That’s right, what little kid doesn’t like super heroes and capes! But not just any cape, these were customized for them.

                                                  AlexaCape TommyCape

The rehearsal and dinner wasn’t as crazy as I expected. Must have been all my good planning…..and hanging out with this guy.

favphotoEtsy Vendors:
Capes: Pipe and Bean
Mirrors: Spotlight Mirrors
Purses that never showed: Do not order from this seller. FlorisBags

5 thoughts on “The Rehearsal Dinner

  1. Welcome back!! What a whirlwind. I’m at 45 days today so I understand the lack of blogging 🙂 Love the idea of a chicken sandwich bar! And it totally sucks about the purses – shame on that seller! Well, I guess if that’s the worst thing that happened, you were still really lucky 🙂

  2. Nice to see you back, I figured you were crazy busy with all the awesome things going on!

    Love all the photos, bummer about the one gift but I’m sure they didn’t care- it’s about being there for you, and not the gift you give them (although the thought is super sweet;) )

  3. I loved that you had the rehearsal dinner at Winking Lizard (one of my fav places) and that rehearsal was literally FASTEST ONE EVAH. Any faster and I would have thought we were at an auction 🙂

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