Humble Wine Bar

Last night I attended the family and friends opening of Dan Deagan’s new restaurant, Humble Wine Bar. Humble is located just down the street from Deagan’s original restaurant and is just what Lakewood needed. A wine bar AND A PATIO!

Humble Wine Bar Patio

The interior of Humble is a large open space but your eyes will be drawn to the giant pizza oven. I loved being able to watch the pizza’s being made and cooking in the oven.

Humble Wine Bar Oven

I broke rule number one of going to a wine bar and ordered a beer instead. I couldn’t help myself! They had multiple craft beers on tap, my favorite Columbus Brewing Company’s Bodhi, being one of them. There is a large selection of bottles to choose from as well. So the beer and wine lovers are both happy. If mixed drinks are your thing, there is even a selection of that and some specialty ones are listed on the drink menu.

View of the bar area
View of the bar area

I couldn’t decide which pizza to try first so I did things a little backwards and had dessert pizza first. It was delicious! My husband who is not a dessert person was very happy with the strawberry dessert pizza.

Dessert Pizza
Dessert Pizza

I then made my way over to a cheese & meat board. In all honesty, I was just there to dig into the prosciutto.

Cured meats and cheeses
Cured meats and cheeses

I finally dug into some pizzas, the Mushroom (mushrooms, roasted garlic, tallegio and rosemary) and Lardo (roasted garlic, fontina, talledio and rosemary) pizzas were my favorites. Although I saw a margherita and sausage one I can’t wait to try next time.

Mushroom pizza fresh out of the oven.
Mushroom pizza fresh out of the oven.

I have a feeling Humble is going to be an easy favorite in the Lakewood area. Perfect for date night, girls night out and catching up with friends.

Hi friends! Let's hang out here again soon!
Hi friends! Let’s hang out here again soon!

As I was leaving I tried to snap a picture of the rest of the space and all the tables but I was too short. I stole this pictures from Humble’s Facebook page though.

Humble's dining area
Humble’s dining area

Humble Wine Bar officially opens today! Head over, check out the space, grab a drink and dig into some of their delicious pizza. (My stomach is now growling and I wish I had some of that Lardo pizza for my second breakfast right now.)

Humble Wine Bar. 15400 Detroit Avenue. Lakewood OH. 44107
Tues-Fri: 4pm-Close
Sat & Sun: 11am-Close

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