Wedding Morning

It was really hard to be away from Ryan the night before our wedding and the morning of our big day. However, two of my cousins stayed with me and that made it a little easier. They made sure I was relaxed and went to bed early the night before. The morning of the wedding while I was out running, they went and got me my favorite coffee from Dunkin Donuts.

Feeling pretty special
Feeling pretty special

Yes, that’s right I went for a run to start the day. You really can’t be that surprised. The sad part is it was raining. Not that I had to run in the rain but that IT WAS RAINING ON MY WEDDING DAY!!!!! Instead of freaking out I remained calm. I was secretly hoping that it would stop soon but looking at the weather it didn’t seem that way. Probably a good thing I bought 3 umbrellas the day before. I’m not even kidding. They were on sale at Target.

My Cousin asked for permission to take and facebook this picture before posting it. Pretty calm and just hanging out.
My Cousin asked for permission to take and facebook this picture before posting it. Pretty calm and just hanging out.

Everyone told me rain on your wedding is a good thing. Good luck or lots of wealth or something like that. Let’s hope so! Luckily my girls are awesome and did everything they could to keep me dry after we left the hair salon.

The back of my sister's hair and my hair.
The back of my sister’s hair and my hair.

My Mom has never had her hair done besides getting a haircut and has never had her makeup done. I told her for my wedding she had to do both! She was a trooper and accepted my bridezilla moment.

Me and my Mama with an updo
Me and my Mama with an updo

After getting our hair done we headed back to the house to be goofy. Just kidding, we went back to the house to eat! My Mom, being as awesome as she is, had tons of snacks, cheeses, crab dip and potica for all of us to eat. I provided beer and wine 🙂

                      IMG_2105 IMG_2103

I believe the priest said something about drinking before the ceremony but I really can’t remember what he said because the rehearsal went by so fast! Mom was being extra classy drinking Milwaukees Best with Swiss cheese. She provided her own beer. Eli and I were drinking Columbus Brewing’s Bodhi from the keg. (Having a keg in your house is normal right?)

My Bridesmaid Kandi and I started doing some kolos in the living room to pass the time. Kandi and I have known each other since we were 4 years old! I’ll have another post about kolos in a few days too 🙂

The Bride and Kandi!

Eli was a trooper and entertained my sister with some “Say Say oh playmate”. My whole life I thought it was “Sissy oh playmate”


As soon as my photographer got to the house I stripped in front of my friends and got into my dress.

Buttoning up
Buttoning up

There were was a zipper in the back but you then had to button over the zipper. I had 3 people buttoning me. Ryan had the fun of trying to unbutton me 🙂

Checking myself out
Checking myself out
Mom helped to get the veil in.
Mom helped to get the veil in.

I was actually anti veil for a while. However, when I tried on this dress, I couldn’t imagine it without this veil.

P.S. my wedding day jewelry was from Target! I looked all over and couldn’t find anything but loved what I found at Target.

Disclosure: When I get the pictures back from my photographer I am going to do another Wedding Morning post. Your Welcome 🙂

3 thoughts on “Wedding Morning

  1. OMG you look fabulous, I love your hair!! Glad you were able to run, and relax and have a good morning unwinding before the big event!

    When my sister got married the pastor told us no drinking before ceremony- he came in the morning to visit us girls while we were hanging out getting ready and we hid the champagne in the shower. Woops!

  2. Glad I’m no the only one who will be drinking on her wedding day in the morning – I definitely plan on having wedding morning champagne cocktails! Love that your Mom brought her own beer 🙂 These posts are such teases – more more! I want more!

  3. I love your blogs, and reading all of these especially about the wedding. It was so beautiful!!!! I am so happy that we got to be there!! Love to you and Ryan…..:-)

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