Meet the new man in our life.

Let’s take a time out from wedding related posts to talk about this new guy in my (our) life. Meet Bodhi!

Hi Cutie!
Hi Cutie!

Ryan told me we could get a dog after the wedding. So 3 days after the honeymoon, I picked up our baby, a 3lb mini dachshund.

My boys
My boys

Ryan claimed that he “wasn’t a dog person”. However, I am pretty sure he fell in love with Bodhi as soon as he saw him.

               IMG_2249 IMG_2258

Bodhi fills his days with eating, playing and lots and lots of sleeping.


Bodhi was named after our favorite beer from Columbus Brewing Company, Bodhi. I’m secretly hoping to get him a Columbus beer shirt soon.


Welcome to the family Bodhi!

Bodhi with his proud parents.
Bodhi with his proud parents.

P.S. Bodhi LOVES to give kisses, check out the youtube video here.


8 thoughts on “Meet the new man in our life.

  1. Welcome to the #crazydoglady club! We picked up Grady barely four days after our honeymoon – great minds thinking alike 🙂 Enjoy the “super pup” phase, it rolls by fast!

  2. I’m so glad that Ryan gave in and let you get a dog! It totally makes a family. Bodhi is beyond adorable!!! Buffy is 10 pounds and I think she is small – 3 pounds is crazy tiny. And crazy cute! So happy for you guys – congrats!!

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