Some small Bride details.

I’m really dragging it out and making you guys wait for the actual ceremony and reception posts. To be honest I am still stealing pics from all my family and friends so this is what you get in the meantime.

I really struggled with finding shoes for the wedding. I found my dress before I found my shoes but then ordered my dress doing a hollow to hem. Basically, they measure me and the dress is made for my size. This way you don’t lose any cool details of the dress. However, we had to guess on heel height and decided a 2 3/4 inch heel would be good….also very limited to find. Even more limiting when you want your shoes to be PINK!

After ordering 3 pairs of shoes from shoebuy.com (Free returns). I ended up picking these.

Pre-dyed wedding shoes
Pre-dyed wedding shoes

I admit I wasn’t 100% in love with these shoes. However, the heel height was perfect, they were comfy, had a little bling to the front and stayed on well. They weren’t flopping off my feet when I walked around. Now that I had my wedding shoes I had to send them away to be dyed. I couldn’t find anyone locally who would do it but I did find someone on Etsy who would.

I sent my shoes to Parisox and when they came back I was in love with my shoes. The pink was exactly what I had expected. Parisox will dye any dyeable shoe for you but they also have a large selection on their site.

Looking much better
Looking much better

I wore my shoes from 1pm til 11pm. After a day on my feet and long night of dancing, my feet swelled up like giant sausages. Probably should have taken them off sooner.

I found my wedding jewelry before I found my dress. Which is explains why I didn’t like it when I tried on my dress. The original jewelry was all pearl related items. Bride Tip 1: Try on jewelry, shoes etc with your wedding dress before the big day. Bride Tip 2: Schedule your hair trial and dress fitting for the same day so you can get an idea what it will be like on the big day.

So the bridal jewelry hunt began. I looked online and at a few stores and could not find anything I liked. I wanted something blingy and preferred matching or somewhat matching earrings. I eventually found it with some help from my little sister.

Hello pretties
Hello pretties

Absolutely loved my jewelry. It’s something I could easily wear again but also would never know it was from TARGET! Oh shoot, now you all know.

My favorite picture
My favorite picture

I am sure you heard the fiasco about one of my bridesmaids gifts not coming in time. Well I had ordered myself a gift as well so that I could someone match my bridesmaids. When that gift, a handmade clutch, didn’t come in I was out of a wedding day purse! Instead of freaking out I just said “oh well”. I had some time the day before my wedding so I made a stop at TJ Maxx and randomly found a purse! I also found a purple one that perfectly matched my Mom’s dress as well.


One last small wedding detail I want to share is the garter. I wasn’t a fan of the traditional elastic garters. Probably because I fell in love with these vintage lace ones with bling on the front. Oh and they came in pink!

Pink lace garter
Pink lace garter



5 thoughts on “Some small Bride details.

    1. No it did not. Mine was actually a little big and I had to take it in. The whole thing was handmade and I would recommend making one yourself instead of buying. Mine was good quality and everything but I could have made the same thing.

  1. I had a pedi the day before. Loved my shoes but like you wore them so long and feet swelled and got all squished in there… pedi rubbed off in shoes! Never had that happen before or again!

    Love BODHI btw. You were serious when you said you wanted a dog after you got married! Only surprised you didn’t go with a big running breed! There is something to be said about a dog you can cuddle with tho.

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