My Rambling Running Update

I’m sad to announce that I have to drop out of the Erie Marathon 😦

My asthma was so bad this summer that I was not able to get in proper training. Constantly I would start training and have to back off again because I couldn’t breathe. I’ve been working hard the past couple weeks and am up to running 10 miles for my long run. However, 10 miles is not enough to run a marathon. Also my asthma still acts up so who knows when I’ll be able to run longer.

The good news is I was able to run everyday on my honeymoon. We had hoped to get in a few miles everyday but to get at least one longish run in. Well when you go from Cleveland where it was fairly cool all summer to the Bahamas and New Orleans where it is constantly hot, long runs just aren’t happening. We ran 4 miles everyday but 4 miles in that heat felt like 10. We even thought if we got up early we could “beat the heat” but there is no beating the heat down there.

The bad news that goes along with dropping out of the Erie Marathon is that is I won’t be able to re-qualify for Boston. That was why I signed up for the Erie Marathon, to re-qualify and run Boston as Mr. & Mrs. McCartney. The good news is I’ll still be in Boston to cheer Ryan on! I told myself that if I didn’t re-qualify that I should run the Green Jewel 50K....

More good news is, I’ll have time to concentrate on the shorter distances this fall. Normally I run a marathon or 3 so this will be something new I can work on. Maybe bust out some PRs.

More bad news, my garmin died 😦 I’ve had it for a couple years and it’s trained through at least 7 marathons so it’s no shock that it wouldn’t last forever. It was sad to see that they have discontinued my specific watch so I had to find a new one.

Old garmin
Old garmin
New Garmin
New Garmin

I never noticed how heavy my old garmin was until I got a new one. Now wonder they discontinued the old one. I haven’t played around with my new watch too much yet. I’ve taken it on a few runs and it tells me the pace, distance and time just like my old one. It does do a weird thing where after a mile it shows your mile time and will say lap 1. The weird part is if you just get to mile 5 and look down it will say lap 1 and your mile time. Instead of saying lap 5. After a few seconds to a minute it will say lap 5 though. Confused me at first (and confusing to write) but just something to get used to.

It also takes awhile to connect to satellite but I remember my old Garmin did the same thing when I first got it. Other than that it’s a good watch and looks pretty. Too bad it doesn’t come in pink!

Since I can’t run a full marathon, I registered for the Akron half marathon. Mostly because there is a sweet neon pink shirt for the half marathoners this year. Clearly my priorities are in order.

Akron Marathon Clothing

I’m thinking about registering for the River Run Half marathon but haven’t done so yet. I have also registered for the Bulldog 5K tomorrow as well as the Christmas Story 10K in December both with my new married name so I am pretty excited!

A Christmas Story Medal

To celebrate A Christmas Story movie’s 30th anniversary they are having a 5K and 10K race. I admit it is kind of pricey but you get a long sleeve shirt with a leg lamp design on it, the finishers medal above, they’ll be showing the movie in Public square that day and you get free entry to the Christmas Story House and museum in Tremont!

Once last thing before I go. I saw this yesterday online and it’s probably the coolest things that I definitely need. A Cleveland Skyline Medal hanger!


10 thoughts on “My Rambling Running Update

  1. Bad news about not running Erie, but Akron will be a wonderful time! I’d love to hear more about Green Jewel, I’m thinking the same thing, only sooner….

    1. OOOOOO we are on the same page with these longer distances. Green Jewel is usually the first week of March. Not so excited about 20+miles in the cold and snow or actually running the race in the cold but at least I’ll be able to recover and run Cleveland still. Which 50K for you?

      1. Well, I had originally thought of HUFF 50k in Indiana, it’s right after Christmas. But MCRR is doing one at the end of November/beginning of December, so I may do that one. Still in the “am I crazy enough to think of this” stage.

  2. Glad you were able to run on the honeymoon the heat and humidity is no joke! Ryan couldn’t have a better cheerleader for Boston and heck yes for signing up for races with you new name! It’s like a blank slate- you can have all new PRs 😉

  3. Bummer about Erie, but glad you have other races and things to look forward to. Glad you and the hubs got runs in on your Honeymoon!!

    My garmin is on the fritz too ( I had the 405 as well). The strap broke a few weeks ago (I have found ways to work around that) but the big thing is it barely holds a charge these days. I have been looking at new ones for a few weeks now, still undecided on which one I want to get. I really like the new one you got ( I believe it’s basically the upgraded new version of the 405?) but If I am going to spend that much might as well get the 910 XT since I am doing more tri’s next year. My birthday’s next week so I am not allowed to buy anything until after then (according to my family) so we will see!

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