NorthCoast 5 Miler

I will first apologize for the lack of pictures. I left my phone in the car and didn’t have any friends not racing to take pics.

For some reason it either rains or is 90 degrees for this race. Labor day weekend and unofficial end of summer and this race just can’t catch a break. However, I try to run this race not because of the challenge of the heat or because it is a 5 mile course but because it is a humbling race.

The elites come out to run the race! The best runners in Cleveland and a few out of town Kenyans come to run this race. The winners run 5 mile times that are the equivalent to my 5K time.

The great thing about lining up at the start for this race is, there are markings on the side of the road telling you which paces to line up with. Also it is a wide road so there is plenty of space, the first mile is completely straight so there is plenty of time to spread out and get in your groove.

Like most years, it was hot and humid for this race. I started off just below a 7 min mile with the intention to hold around a 7:15 pace. It was not by any means easy to hold that pace in that humidity. My legs felt great and fresh, I wasn’t struggling for breath but the heat was making me drag.

Right around mile 1.5 I realized I forgot to do something very important. Something that I do before every race and I have been doing for years. I FORGOT TO DOUBLE TIE MY SHOES! So of course, since I forgot to double tie them, I could feel them getting loose. I was really hoping they would stay tied for the rest of the race. However, mile 2 and I had to stop to tie my shoes 😦

One of my favorite parts about this race is when you turn in for the trail part. It’s a flat trail and it does slow you down. I used to get mad about it slowing you down but I’ve gotten used to it and enjoy it now. It’s scenic and good on the body and distracts you for a bit. By the time you finish the trail part you are back on the road and only a mile to go!

By this time I wasn’t quite done but I didn’t have much left. Once again I started doing the math in my head to see when I would finish. My goal was to finish in the 36s. Based on my 5K time from the week before it seemed reasonable. While I was doing the math in my head it seemed like the 37s was going to be more likely.

As I got closer to the finish I pushed myself for the 37 minute 5 Miler and I didn’t get it. Official finishing time 38:03 (if I didn’t stop to tie my shoe I would have been in the 37s!!!!), a 7:37 pace and 6th in my age group.

While I didn’t hit my goal time for this race, the humidity killed me and helped me to decide not to run River Run (which was yesterday).

Next race on the schedule is tentatively the Heroes Run. It’s a local 5 mile race but has a killer hill on the second half.

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