Ch Ch Changes


*Updated: I thought I had it set up so both address still work however you will have to update your readers to the new site!

I changed the blog name! I registered my domain! Big girl panties on!


I have been thinking about it for a while now and have gone back and forth on if I would do it or not. But I finally decided to change my blog name and register a domain. I thought about keeping my old blog name and registering that address but it’s not available! Who has mojamala2.com lol.

However, one of my reasons for changing the blog name was to have something easier to pronounce. As well as having a short web address. After some brainstorming and checking to see what was available I came up with The Tambura Runner! So maybe it’s not super easy to pronounce but it’s easy to sound out ๐Ÿ˜‰

Designed a new header!
Designed a new header!

For those of you who do not know, a tambura (pronounced “tum-burr-a”) is a Croatian folk stringed instrument. I grew up listening to tambura music, playing tambura and kolo dancing. It’s probably the only thing I love more than running, don’t tell running I said that! So I combined my 2 favorite things and The Tambura Runner was born!

Original picture with tamburas, running shoes and bib number
Original picture with tamburas, running shoes and bib number

A couple things will remain the same:

The blog address will remain mojamala2blog@gmail.com for now.
Twitter and Instagram handles will remain @mojamala2
Content discussed on the blog will remain mostly running focused but probably with more pictures of Bodhi.

The Bod Man
The Bod Man

I think I mapped the new domain correctly so that both mojamala2.wordpress.com as well as thetamburarunner.com will both take you to the same place! I think…

4 thoughts on “Ch Ch Changes

  1. So… Kinda awkward… but the title of your post is the same title of my last blog post. I’m completely OK with it though because people actually read your blog!

    All kidding aside, congrats on the updates!

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