I’m Not Ready To Stop Talking About Our Wedding!

It’s been almost 2 months and I’m still gushing over our wedding. I keep putting off writing the wedding related posts because I don’t want to stop talking about it. I’ve also been putting off sending out the thank you’s! Oops! Sorry guests, they will be in the mail this week.

However, I can’t start the honeymoon posts until I finish the wedding posts. Right?

Hanging out in the bridal suite with my flower girl and my sister. The flower girl loved my bling.

At the rehearsal the flower girl and ring bearer did so great that I was not worried about them the day of the wedding. The day of our flower girl had a little stage fright but our ring bearer was a champ and marched on! Such a cutie!

Best Ring Bearer I could ask for!
Best Ring Bearer I could ask for!

This is the only picture I have of us walking down the aisle. (Right now, professional pictures will be here soon.) However, what is up with my Mom’s face? Is she about to cry?

Walking down the aisle
Walking down the aisle

As soon as I got to Ryan, I could not stop holding his hand. If you look at some of the pictures, we were both squeezing each others hand so tight. I would have been a mess if I could hold his hand.

IMG_2181The mass was perfect..except for when the priest yelled at a guest for video taping our wedding! It was also pretty short for a catholic wedding. Less than an hour!

Look at that grip!

WalkingoutofchurchHow cute is this pic of the ring bearer and flower girl? They just sat down there and started blowing bubbles. Perfect picture opportunity.

Too Cute!
Too Cute!

My little cousin wore green to the wedding, part of our wedding colors! (Pink and Green!)

IMG_2136Of all things to be nervous about, I was nervous about cutting the cake! I know, so silly but I’ve never cut a wedding cake before. OR done so with someone helping and all our family and friends watching. The only cake I got to eat was the bite Ryan fed me. Luckily there was left over cake and I got some the next day. It was really really good. Way better than at the cake tasting!

IMG_2133We had some changes with our first dance song choice. Originally we had picked Then by Brad Paisley. However as the wedding got closer we changed it to Crazy Girl by The Eli Young Band. The song was really popular when we first started dating and has always remind us of that.IMG_2143There was a lot of dancing at our wedding. The best wedding advice we received was “The party is where the bride and groom are. If the bride and groom are at the bar then that is where people will congregate. If the bride and groom are on the dance floor then you will have a packed dance floor.”

Ryan and his even learned how to kolo for the wedding. I’ll have a separate post on this eventually.

IMG_2179My cousin/MOH’s husband has been to a million weddings and was familiar with our DJ and gathered all of our guests on the dance floor for the largest Disco Inferno you have ever seen. I think every guest jumped out there for that one.

SoultrainI really don’t know what we were laughing at by Ryan was really nervous about the garter toss.

Glimpse of my pink shoes!

Hopefully the beers we chugged helped.

Classy, I know. At least it was Columbus IPA!

I love that I was able to get these guys together for a picture. We are rarely all together at the same place so I loved that we were able to get a picture and in the same order as we were from 1988!


This is still my favorite picture of us from that day.

IMG_2126A couple people have asked me if I would do my wedding all over again and I always respond “absolutely not!” It’s not because of the expense or the amount of time that I put into the wedding. It’s because our wedding day was more perfect than I ever could have imagined. Being so in love and knowing that our love is only going to grow and having the time of our life. I would never want to do our wedding over again because it was perfect the first time and I know we’d never be able to top that day.

To think that they day we got married was the day we loved each other the least.

3 thoughts on “I’m Not Ready To Stop Talking About Our Wedding!

  1. Aw – I’ve been waiting and waiting for this post…and it’s even better than I could have imagined. I love that you wouldn’t do it again because it was too perfect the 1st time *swoon*

    I also love your 1st dance song – I never heard it before but it’s awesome!!

  2. Beautiful pictures of beautiful moments! Your wedding day is always something you will cherish – I know I can say that after celebrating TEN years this past summer (seems crazy)! I still love to look at our photos and watch our wedding video! It’s funny that you said you were nervous about cutting the cake – I WAS TOO! I was like, wait a minute…I didn’t get to practice this. What are we supposed to do? Is there a certain tier I should cut from? How big of a slice? Haha! You and Ryan are such a cute couple – so happy for the two of you!

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