Stroll & Roll 5K

Sunday was the 2nd annual Stroll and Roll 5K. Last year I really wanted to do it because it was so close to home. Sadly, last year I missed out because I was running the Akron Relay and didn’t want to race 2 days back to back. One of the reasons I like this race is because it goes through West Park and the other reason is it’s with in running distance. (We can run to the start for our warm up!)

Ryan even said the cutest thing when we got to the race. He also tweeted it. (And then I went through the trouble of finding it 2 days later and using paint to crop it to put it on the blog. I have too much time on my hands. Also I’m aware that it’s blurry. Sorry)

CuteTweetThe Stroll and Roll 5K raises money for MetroHealth’s Friends of Mothers and Infants. They are a non profit in the Cleveland area and raise money for infants in need. They are always accepting donations, monetary as well as new brand new baby items. (Onsies, diapers, wipes, booties, socks hats, maternity clothes and even strollers!)

It was a little cold for me at the start. I was trying to be brave and only wore a long sleeved top and shorts. However, it was perfect running weather once I got warmed up.

My goal for the race was to run a little faster than the last 5K, around 21:30. As the race started, I was excited to start running and get warm. There was one woman in front of me but she was cruising at a solid 6:15 pace so I backed off and stuck to a 6:30 pace. The race weaves through a bunch of side streets I’m not familiar with so with each turn I was like “where are we?” or “We have to be miles from the finish at this point”. I’m a little dramatic during speed races.

At the 2nd mile I usually feel like I can barely hold onto a pace but I was holding a 7:10 and felt pretty good. I thought I might actually be under my goal time when I hit the 2.5 mark.

Some where between 2.5 and 3.1 I feel like I hit the twilight zone and time slipped away. Maybe I slowed down, maybe my watch lost satellite but I feel like I went from running a 20 minute 5K to a 22 minute 5K.

Then while running I looked down at my watch and saw 3.1 and I wasn’t at the finish line yet! Nothing like having to push a little harder when you thought you’d be done. The course was just a tad long and finished at 3.2. I think I was a little disappointed in my time and in the extra .1 (dumb, I know) but I didn’t kick much to get to the finish line. I was already in a solid 3rd overall female and 8th overall overall.

My official finish time was 22:51, a 7:08 pace. On a 3.1 course I would have ran about a 22:11 so I still would have missed my goal time.

Plaques for the first 3 overall and water bottles for the age groupers.
Plaques for the first 3 overall and water bottles for the age groupers.

Ryan gets really excited about water bottle awards. I’m usually excited when there is chapstick in the race packets.

Race shirt, Bodhi and my unpedicured feet, what more could you want.
Race shirt, Bodhi and my unpedicured feet, what more could you want.

What are your favorite race awards? I’m still hoping to get a chili bowl bowl at the Chili Bowl 5K one day. Or coffee tumblers, I rarely see coffee tumblers.

Disclaimer: Contains typos. Also I think I made up a few words “unpedicured” “groupers” “bowl bowl”.

4 thoughts on “Stroll & Roll 5K

  1. You are a relay prize expert and it’s no wonder because you’re SO STINKIN’ FAST. My first half-marathon (aka. my first time officially running further than 3.1m) is less than two weeks away and I’d be lying if I said I don’t often think you you on my runs and try to channel your fierceness and positivity for running.

    Keep it up!

  2. Definitely a great time ( I get annoyed when courses are long too, so I get it), congrats on placing awesome too! Love that you and the hubs warm-up/cool-down together, definitely a great thing to be able to do together, it makes me smile every time my fiance and I get to do that.

    I am totally with you on the loving chapstick in race packets, I do love getting water bottles– I do have a few coffee tumblers but I agree, there need to be more of them!

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