Ridiculousness: A Glimpse into Married Life and Other Pointless Stories

I’m not sure why but everyone seemed to go crazy about the 300 Sandwiches article that was posted recently. After reading the article and the blog 300sandwiches.com I felt like people were blowing the article our of proportion and missing the point of the article.

Is she making 300 sandwiches hoping her boyfriend will propose? No that’s ridiculous. She happened to make a simple sandwich one day and her boyfriend raved about it so much that he randomly said “Honey, you’re 300 sandwiches away from an engagement ring!” From then on she had the great idea to start a blog and make 300 sandwiches.

I think it’s cute that she found something fun to do for her man and something they can both joke about. I looked into my own life and started laughing at some of the fun things that Ryan and I joke about at home.

292 Bloody Mary’s Away:

Me: “Ryan, I have a really big problem and was hoping maybe we can talk about it and you can help me out” (Cue serious face)
Ryan: (Cue worried face) “Sure. what’s up”
Me: (Cue trying to hide smile) “I really want to open a beer but it’s Sunday and I kind of want a bloody mary first.” (Cue laughing from both of us)

Related: After our honeymoon we started doing bloody mary Sundays. Ryan always makes me a bloody mary. I’m 292 bloody mary’s away from being married! Oh wait, that probably won’t work in this case.

OMG you’re the worst!

Shortly after moving in together I made hard boiled eggs. Ground breaking chef in the making, hold onto your hats people. After making the eggs, Ryan was pretty amazed, looking at me oddly and asked
“What are you going to do with them?”
Me: “Umm” (Cue weird look) “eat them”
Ryan: “really?”
He then proceeded to watch me, in amazement as I ate a hard boiled egg. I’m thinking in my head “Has he never had or seen a hard boiled egg? Who is this guy? Does he even celebrate Easter?”  However, ever since that ground breaking day, we have had hard boiled eggs in our fridge, at all time. AT. ALL. TIMES. Ryan gladly purchases and makes hard boiled eggs…in the oven!

One day, after work, I went to the fridge to get a hard boiled egg from the stash. I was shocked to find that there were no hard boiled eggs. I immediately asked Ryan if we had any, assuming we did and I just couldn’t find them. He responded that we did not so I responded “OMG! You are the Worst!” Did I mean it? Of course not. It would be pretty dumb to get mad over something like that. Although pretty funny to jokingly overreact about something as little as missing eggs.


A common word in our house is “unacceptable” and is used in the most ridiculous way. If someone heard us talking and not know us, they might think we are mean to each other by telling the other one that something is “unacceptable”.

Ryan: “There’s this beer on tap at Rozi’s I really want to try. I hope the keg doesn’t kick til tomorrow.”
Me: “Why don’t you go today? We don’t have anything going on.”
Ryan: “I don’t really feel like drinking today.”
Me. “UNACCEPTABLE…I’ll drive”

There are many “unacceptable” things at home. These include:…extra scoops of ice cream, not liking chocolate, overripe avocados, running low on milk and getting ice cream without the other one.

It’s these small things like commenting that something is “unacceptable” when it’s fine or making 300 sandwiches that make you look at your life or relationship and laugh. Don’t take life so seriously.

What is your take on the 300 Sandwiches blog? What are some odd things that are said or done in your house?

Disclaimer: Ryan proofread this post, earning his spot as husband of the year…292 bloody mary’s to go.

9 thoughts on “Ridiculousness: A Glimpse into Married Life and Other Pointless Stories

  1. I subscribed to her blog after reading that article – her sandwiches look pretty damn delicious!

    Sometimes we exclaim “I want a divorce!” if one of us says something ridiculous, like “no, I don’t want dessert tonight” or “No, I won’t grab you another beer while I’m up”. We’re actually not even married (but … is common-law marriage still a thing? because then maybe we are) so it cracks us up,

  2. I didn’t hear about the 300 sandwiches thing until this post – but I love it! It seems fun and cute. Mike & I joke around all the time too, and there’s probably things we say that if someone didn’t know us they might think we were mean too but that’s just our sense of humor.

  3. It’s so silly. People always need something to complain about and/or judge. They need to get a hobby!!
    Jay and I are like you guys. If people took what we said to each other seriously………

  4. Thank you for posting a fair reaction to the 300 sandwiches thing. When I read the article that was all the roar on Twitter…I was like…”really?”

    In a world where people take themselves way too seriously, thank you for understanding and exemplifying the fun and lightheartedness of life.

  5. I really didn’t get the 300 Sandwiches thing until I read the post. Lately our special thing has been kale chips during football. It started with the Super Bowl last year and we picked it up again for both college and pro games this year!

  6. OMG you and Ryan sound so much like John and I. Unacceptable is a huge phrase, as well as “challenge accepted”…. I live with my fiance and his twin brother, they both love to troll each other, and me….which leads to a lot of funny conversations— if someone was a fly on the wall in our house… I don’t even know what they would think!

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