Enter Operation Long Hair: A trip to Charles Scott Salon and Spa

A few months ago I was invited to an event at Charles Scott Salon in Rocky River. Shortly after that event I was invited to be a Brand Ambassador for Charles Scott Salon. For being an ambassador you receive 50% off your first visit and 15% off ever visit after that.

I’m quite the “salon jumper”.

sa·lon jump·er

noun \sə-ˈlän, ˈsa-ˌlän, sa-ˈlōⁿ\ˈjəm-pər\

: One who does not have a regular salon
: One who fears getting hair cut and waits til they can’t stand their hair anymore and go to any random salon.
: One who waits too long to get a haircut
: Also known as a “salon nomad”

Being the salon jumper that I am, I waited a solid 5+ months to get a hair cut. I have good reasons though.

Actually, no I don’t.

My reasons are 1.) I wanted my hair a certain length for the wedding. 2.) I was too lazy/busy/lazy to make an appointment to get it cut 3.) I was trying to grow it out to donate.

Just before I got engaged my little sister came to me with an idea. She said that we should grow our hair out and donate it (and blog about it). Immediately, I was like awww how thoughtful and cute that she comes up with blog topics. I also wasn’t ready to cut off all my hair. However, I decided that not donating my hair for no reason, was kind of vain. Also, not a good example to set for my little sister.

Now that the wedding is over I have no reason to keep my hair long, except to be vain and set a bad example.

My sister grew her hair out for the wedding and it was so long that she already donated hers! I think she is growing it out all over again so we can do it together…and blog about it.

Enter Operation Long Hair.

I haven’t had short hair in a very long time so I’m looking forward to cutting it off, having shorter styling/drying time and doing new things with it. Actually, I’m not looking forward to that last part. I’m kind of scared I won’t know how to style it, will make my face look fat or I won’t be able to get it out of my face to run. Clearly all big problems.

The good news is, hair grows back and I’d have to opportunity to help someone else.

IMG_2594IMG_2611The bad news is I need at least 3 more inches before I can even donate. And that is if I go super short!

Christine cut my hair and she is awesome if you are looking for a hair cut. She also has gorgeous super long hair. Go see her and her hair!

Anyone ever donate their hair? Scared of short haircuts?

Disclosure: I have not mastered the “selfie”. I know on the iphone you can press the button and take one of yourself but my arms are short and it’s always too close! All opinions on Charles Scott are my own. I have been going there off and on for years. Best manicures and pedicures I’ve ever had were from Charles Scott.

3 thoughts on “Enter Operation Long Hair: A trip to Charles Scott Salon and Spa

  1. That’t a great thing you and your sister are doing. I have donated my hair before and it was really rewarding. I’m currently growing my hair out right now for my wedding next year- and I plan to donate it after. I’m not scared of short haircuts- I’ve gone through the same cycle of grow my hair to a length then chop it to a bob over and over for years. I do miss having a bob sometimes but I do also find things I really like of having longer hair. There are definite perks to both! i think you will look gorgeous no matter what!

  2. I am the same way about cutting my hair – I am so overdue for a salon appointment! I got invited to be a brand ambassador too so I’m trying to get in there ASAP 🙂

    I just donated my hair back in May – it was a nice change, but I did start to miss my long hair every once in a while, but I just remembered that it will grow back and I was able to help someone so that made it worth it.

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