A couple thoughts on the Towpath Marathon and possible cancellation

*Update: The Towpath Marathon has been rescheduled for Sunday November 3rd!

Yesterday Fox 8 reported that the marathon was canceled. The marathon, half marathon and 10K course go through the Cuyahoga Valley National Park which is closed due to the government shut down. Then yesterday the Towpath Marathon said not to believe anything unless you hear it from them. Looks like there was some confusion but in my opinion, it seems like there is a high possibility that the Towpath Marathon will announce the cancellation today.

For those of you who signed up for this as your first 10K, half marathon or full marathon, I’m really sorry that things went this way and that you may have to miss out on your race. It’s heartbreaking to train for a race only to not be able to run, especially if you trained on the Towpath.

Please keep in mind that the Towpath is closed and to stay off of it. I agree that it is dumb to shut down a park like this but there are plenty of other places to run. DO NOT try to hold your own race on Sunday, on the Towpath, if it is canceled.

There are many many many things that go into organizing a race. It’s not just about having a place to run. Who is going to pick up those water bottles and Gu wrappers you leave behind? Who is going to empty the trash cans if you do clean up after yourself? Are there parking lots open? The bathrooms are all closed; where will you go? What if you run on the Towpath and you or someone you know rolls an ankle, has a heart attack or has heat stroke? There will be no first aid out there to help.

The Towpath is closed and it sucks, I know, but organizing your own race and running anyways is just plain dumb. Stay smart and safe runners.

Keep in mind that the Towpath Marathon is working to reschedule the race if it is canceled. If you trained and need another local race the Lake Health Northern Ohio Marathon has opened up spots.

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