Nature’s Bin 5K

You ever have a race that you are really excited for and then race day you just aren’t feeling it. This was one of those races.

I had PR’d on this course a few years ago so it has held a special place in my running heart. Everytime I run this course I hope for a shiny new PR.

However, on race morning I was tired and cranky and not feeling a speed race. However, I was already registered and at the race so I was running no matter what. I did mile repeats at the track earlier in the week so I hoped I would run similar to those repeats for the race.

Just before the start of the race I looked around and didn’t see any other runners that I knew. I was hoping to see someone who ran a similar time and stick with them so I wouldn’t go out too fast.

The gun went off and right off the bat I was in the second overall female position. I quickly overtook the first girl and held the lead…until the first mile. I’m a classic “goes out too fast” type of runner and this time it really hurt me. After the first mile, 6:30 pace to start but ended at almost 6:50, I just kept going slower and then got passed by a girl.

I decided that I would try to pick it up for the second mile and die out on the third but I didn’t have anything left. At mile 1.6 I was done. It is a very flat course but I just had nothing on it. There was no picking it up, the legs just kept slowing down. What did I really expect after PRing in Akron just a week earlier.

I wonder if Bodhi will ever let me take a picture of a shirt without him in it. Such a diva.
I wonder if Bodhi will ever let me take a picture of a shirt without him in it. Such a diva.

I ended up holding my 2nd overall female position the rest of the race, it was a miracle I didn’t get passed. I finished with a time of 22:02. Am I disappointed in this time? Yes. Really I shouldn’t be though. I ran 2 races back to back and you can’t PR at every race.

IMG_2677I thought this was going to be the last 5K of the year for me but with the possible shutdown of the Towpath Marathon (I was planning to run the half), I may sign up for a 5K this weekend. I want some revenge on the 5K distance.


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