Honeymooning in the Bahamas at Atlantis

It has been over 2 months since we went on our honeymoon and I am just now getting to blog about it! To say life has been crazy or busy is an understatement at this point.

We had a hard time deciding on where to honeymoon at but after I showed Ryan the Atlantis hotel in the Bahamas, we decided to go there. However, it was super expensive so we stayed in the Bahamas for 5 days and then went to New Orleans for 2 days. Almost like we got 2 honeymoons in.

This was the view from our hotel balcony, where many beers were consumed.

Hotel View
Hotel View

I have to mention that the craft beer in the Bahamas is not the greatest. You can get a Kalik almost anywhere however, I was not that impressed with it. It’s a good thing Ryan packed beer in a suitcase and we brought good beer with us!

It was probably the greatest thing we’ve done because it saved us money and we could take beer with us wherever we went. Like to the movies, we saw the new Oz movie (actually you aren’t allowed to have beer in the theater but we were rebels and did it anyways) or the beach!

   Beachchillin Surly

Surley beers will always remind us of our honeymoon. Not to mention they were perfect to drink in the hot Bahama sun.

The Atlantis Resort is absolutely HUGE! Not only could you easy get lost but Ryan and I would go for a walk and come back 4 hours later because the place is so big. We ran 4 miles in this beautiful place every morning. Only 4 because it was ridiculously hot and felt like 10 in that heat!

Hotel Hotel3

These pictures can’t even do justice to how big the resort truly is. We also had turtles literally right outside our hotel lobby.


The inside of the hotels were gorgeous and also huge. It rained one day and we were perfectly fine occupying ourselves by wandering the hotel for a few hours, grabbing drinks at random bars on the way and taking daily trips to the casino.

                         CasinoEntrance hotelinside

The resort has aquariums all over the place so we were able to see a lot of marine life, whether we were inside or outside.

Saying hello to the big fishy
Saying hello to the big fishy

The first night we got to the Bahamas we were starving and went to a restaurant that was close to our room. It ended up being our favorite place to go and was called Bimini Road. I think we ended up going there 4 times. Sometimes for lunch, sometimes for dinner and sometimes because we wanted some conch fritters. Conch fritters or just conch anything was our favorite thing to eat in the Bahamas.

Also be warned about drinking “Sky Juice”, I forget what was in them but they were super tasty and could get you drunk quick. Not that we tested that out or anything.

BiminiRoad Bimini2 ThisCutie

We failed at taking a lot of pictures of ourselves, as a couple on the honeymoon. Here is one of us at Bobby Flay’s restaurant Mesa Grille. I think we ordered 2 appetizers and I had the best salmon of my life there. I’d consider flying back just for the salmon.

Dinner at Mesa
Dinner at Mesa

                          Mesa2  Mesa1

It is a little embarrassing that most of the pictures from our trip are from what we were eating or drinking.

Dinner at Virgil’s barbecue is more of a place for a group and not dinner for 2. We did our fair share of damage with some nachos and pulled pork though.

Nachosjpg Pulled pork

OK besides food, I swear there are like 7 pools and I don’t even know how many slides. We took advantage of those as well. We had a ton of fun in the lazy river.

Slide ScarySlide Slide1Can you believe all of the above pictures are of slides? Seriously cool and scary slides.

So remember those beginning pictures of us drinking beers on the beach? While we were on the beach I kept reapplying sunblock and asked Ryan “Do you want some sunblock?” he replied no and I even asked him again later and he still said no. To be honest, he looked fine and not that he was burning. The next day he looked like this:

We call this "too cool for sunblock"
We call this “too cool for sunblock”

This poor guy was in so much pain that we took a day off from the pool and he could barely have a shirt on because anything touching it or even just moving was extremely painful for him. Which ended up being perfect because we could head into downtown Nassau for the day!

        Town2 Town1

Even though it was 90+ degrees and we had ran every morning, we still went and walked for hours every day. We really earned our conch fritters and drinks.

Straw Market
Straw Market

After spending some time downtown and at the Straw Market we decided to walk to the Fish Fry from downtown Nassau. The best part about that was we got to walk by Junkanoo Beach and snap this gorgeous, postcard picture.

Junkanoo Beach?
Junkanoo Beach?

Another good part was I found a place to grab a sno-cone on the way to the Fish Fry.

Sno-Cone Obsessed
Sno-Cone Obsessed

When we finally arrived at the Fish Fry, it was very overwhelming and we had no idea where to go.

So many choices
So many choices

After looking at the Twin Brothers menu and seeing they were on the Food Network we decided to eat there.

Twin Brothers Fish Fry
Twin Brothers Fish Fry

The reason I picked Twin Brothers was strictly for their cracked conch and it was delicious. I wish we would have went to the Fish Fry one more time to try another place out.

Think calamari but 10 times better.
Think calamari but 10 times better.

We spent the last day of the Bahamas portion of our honeymoon on the beach. Ryan wore a shirt the whole time because he was afraid to get burnt again. I was excited because I finally got to drink out of a coconut. Nothing like taking a drink from a stranger.

Last day on the beach
Last day on the beach

Wow! Sorry for all the pictures but it’s really hard to capture 5 days in the Bahamas. About half way through I thought about splitting this up into two posts.

Can’t wait to tell you all about part 2 of the honeymoon in New Orleans!

Disclaimer: Too tired to proofread. Although we loved Atlantis and our honeymoon we both felt like it was family friendly. Almost too family friendly, the families out weighed the couples. Would we come back again? Maybe…

6 thoughts on “Honeymooning in the Bahamas at Atlantis

  1. I love that the sunblock is literally laying on the counter right next to Ryan in that sunburn photo! Also, was it a can of Surly that left him with that white spot on his hip?

  2. Hi! I went to the Bahamas in July of 2012. My boyfriend and I stayed at the resort right next to Alantis, the Riu. It was all inclusive and way less expensive and we got to enjoy everything Atlantis anyways, besides the pool/slides. I will agree with you on the family friendly thing. If you plan to go down there again I seriously suggest you check it out. It was amazing. Your pictures are awesome though and it looks like you guys had a blast!!!

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