Honeymooning in New Orleans

We decided to make New Orleans part of our honeymoon because I had been there and really thought it was something Ryan would enjoy. Little pressure on my part, what if he hated it and I ruined the honeymoon! Spoiler: he loved it 🙂

I can't get enough of the streets in New Orleans
I can’t get enough of the streets in New Orleans

When we checked into our hotel, literally steps from Bourbon Street, they sent up champagne and chocolates because it was our honeymoon! However, we pretty much dropped off our luggage and caught a cab to the Avenue Pub in the Garden District. Steps from Bourbon and we head to a craft beer bar instead.

IMG_2156 IMG_2152 IMG_2155

They had a pretty awesome tap list and we grabbed dinner while we were there which was surprisingly good. We liked this place so much that on our last day, we checked out of our hotel and before we went to the airport we caught a cab to the Avenue Pub one last time.

There were 3 things that I really wanted to do while in New Orleans. The first was a visit to Cafe Du Monde. This is a huge favorite, I could drink cafe au lait all day. We actually went there for breakfast both days because I can’t imagine eating anything else when down there.

   Jazzband Cafedumonde

New Orleans was another place where we did a lot of walking. We did a lot of shopping and wandering the streets. The open container law was perfect because it was just as hot in New Orleans as it was in the Bahamas.

I walked by saw this shirt and still regret not buying it or at least seeing if they had one in my size. My friends call me a “pint sized princess” because I am so short.

I need this shirt
I need this shirt

The second thing we had to do was have po boys at Johnny’s. I cannot eat a po boy anywhere else, these have to be the best po boys in the world. Ryan liked this place so much that he requested to come back the next day. Being a good wife I said ok 😉

    Johnnys Johnnys2

The last place on my list was Lafitte’s Bar, oldest bar or tavern or something like that.

bar1  bar2 bar3

It’s really dark inside so my pics didn’t come out so great. You’ll have to go check it out for yourself.

IMG_2160We even managed to sneak in a ghost tour while we were in town. I highly recommend going on one, the stories are great and you learn some history about the city.

These are 2 of the haunted hotels on the tour. I know where I won’t be staying next time I visit.

   haunted1 hotel2

On our way to dinner we saw some awesome street performers. They have really stepped up their game since I was last in town.

vroom vroom
vroom vroom

I was pretty amazed at this.

human cars
human cars

We had planned on checking out an Emeril restaurant while in New Orleans, however, we were swayed into going to another place, Pier 424. We were won over by their seafood selection and featured dessert, s’mores bread pudding!!!!

Blurry pic, sorry
Blurry pic, sorry

When we got there we got a seat on the balcony over looking Bourbon. It was perfect for our last dinner of the honeymoon.

dinner1 dinner2 dinner3

So we may have ordered a lot of food. So much that they brought us a second table!

dinner4It was pretty funny when they tried to bring us our check and we ordered dessert instead.

S'more Bread Pudding
S’more Bread Pudding

On our last day we checked out of our hotel and spent time checking out a cemetery. Ryan had never been to the New Orleans ones and it reminded him of Double Jeopardy. (Which we watched as soon as we got home because I had never seen it) We also stopped at Pat O’Brien’s for a drink before we left Bourbon.

I just had to have a hurricane before we left. Also I’d never been to Pat O’Brien’s before because I like to avoid chains on vacation. I really enjoyed it and the place was actually really pretty inside.

  patobriens1 patobriens2 patobriens

I think a return trip to New Orleans is easily in our future. If you are in New Orleans make sure you go to Cafe du Monde, Johnny’s Po Boys, Lafitte’s Bar, a ghost tour, a cemetery tour (can be self guided) and a hurricane at Pat O’Brien’s.

Disclaimer: Not proofread. I left out our crazy cab driver that took us to the airport. He may have been a serial killer.


One thought on “Honeymooning in New Orleans

  1. After reading this, I really need to go back to NOLA! Lafitte’s is really cool (and yes, dark inside) and yes, even though it is super touristy, you have to have a hurricane at Pat O’Brien’s! (hmmm…my glass from PO’B broke and it needs to be replaced, now I have an excuse to go back).

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