I have no plan!

I haven’t shared much of my training lately because I’m not following a training plan! Well, I’m not officially following a training plan right now. Which is nice because it gives me a lot of flexibility and also a nice break from following a plan 24/7, since I train year round.

HereosArielphotoI take a few days, maybe a week if I need it after a marathon. After that I am up and running again and soon after that I am starting a new training plan.

I’m not following a training plan because I don’t have a fall marathon this year but I am still training and following an unofficial plan in my head.

Up close picture of Bodhi on the way to one of our walks
Up close picture of Bodhi on the way to one of our walks

Most weeks look something like this.

Monday: Rest Day/long walk with the dog day
Tuesday: Speedwork. 1 mile repeats, 800 meter repeats or 400 meter repeats.
Wednesday: 3 miles in the morning before work and 4-6 miles after work
Thursday: 3-4 miles in the morning before work
Friday: Rest Day
Saturday: Long run usually around 14 miles
Sunday: super easy run usually 4-6 miles

Love flat trails
Love flat trails

How many miles per week am I running? Hmm maybe 35-40. Usually I am all about the miles and love adding up m miles for the week but lately I’m enjoying the unofficial plan with no weekly mileage goals.

Right now I have another half marathon coming up and then a couple 10ks and maybe a 5K. At the end of November I’m thinking/supposed to start 50K training!

Do you ever run without a training plan?

5 thoughts on “I have no plan!

  1. I’m really looking forward to the “no plan-kind of plan”. Which 50k are you going to run!?!?!

    P.s. the puppy is super cute. every time I see a picture of him I think that!

    1. The Green Jewel 50K, it’s a local race and almost entirely in the Cleveland Metroparks. I told myself if I didn’t requalify for Boston this year that I was going to run this 50K instead.

  2. I’m in the same boat as you with no plan. It’s nice to enjoy other parts of life. I’m excited to hear about your 50k training plan, I’m still debating if I want to take that leap.

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