My Husband Lied and Kept Secrets From Me!

A few months ago I mention to Ryan that the patio at Rozi’s Wine House is one of my favorite places in Lakewood. Little did I know, that would send a light bulb off in Ryan’s head on where to host a surprise birthday party for me.

This guy, not sure how he did it.
This guy, not sure how he did it.

To get me to Rozi’s he told me they were going to have a special beer on tap. The plan was to stop at Rozi’s for a drink and then he was taking me out for an early birthday dinner.

Pink and Green Birthday cake
Pink and Green Birthday cake

I totally bought his “plan” because last year he took me out for an early birthday dinner! Perhaps he took me out to an early dinner last year to fool me this year….it worked.

He wouldn’t tell me where dinner was, it was supposed to be a surprise (which he did last year too) but told me jeans would be fine. All day I was battling a cold and I think I worried Ryan that I might be too sick to go. He was so nervous that he had to leave for a couple hours to get away from me.

While he was gone I got a few texts to remind me that we were leaving at 6. In my head I was like “sheesh where are we going that we have such a strict reservation.” “Do they have something special on the menu?” “Crab po boys?” “conch fritters?”

Post surprise with my cousins
Post surprise with my cousins

As I started to get dressed I had a girl moment and suddenly had nothing to wear. I started texting my cousin what I was wearing to see what she thought. Little did I know that my cousin was on her way to the surprise party and was laughing that I was texting her, not knowing I would see her soon!

I found out earlier in the day that the beer on tap at Rozi’s was Columbus Brewing Super Fresh Hop. One of my favorite beers that always go fast in the Cleveland area. However, when we got to Rozi’s, Ryan said there was another beer on tap too but it was a surprise. He didn’t want me to see it on the chalk boards so he tried to cover my eyes but practically poked my eyes out so he had me cover my eyes instead.

As he walked me in I could hear people talking, Rozi’s gets pretty busy on Saturday nights and I was kind of embarrassed that he was making me cover my eyes. I was like “these people all think I’m a weirdo” but Ryan said to cover my eyes so I did. I noticed he walked me past the bar and onto the patio. I thought it was kind of weird but thought maybe he wanted me to sit down and he was going to bring me a beer. Next thing I know, I hear SURPRISE!

The Moms!
The Moms!
The Grandmas
The Grandmas!

The most confusing thing about a surprise party is you have no idea it is coming and when you open your eyes it’s so confusing to see all these people you know!

The BFFs
The BFFs
The Sister-My Mom wouldn't let me talk to her all week because she was afraid she would give it away.
The Sister-My Mom wouldn’t let me talk to her all week because she was afraid she would give it away.

Ryan threw me an awesome surprise party and it makes turning 30 today just a little bit easier. I still don’t know how Ryan was able to pull it off and me not have a clue. I know he had help from our family and friends but still a lot of small details that he was able to hide from me.



Special thanks too all of my friends and family for celebrating with me, this easily goes down as my favorite birthday.

We even stopped at Deagans for beers, fries and a sweet potato sundae afterwards. #imspoiled

Sweet Potatoe Sundae at Deagans
Sweet potato Sundae at Deagans

Have you ever had a surprise Birthday party or thrown one?


8 thoughts on “My Husband Lied and Kept Secrets From Me!

  1. Happy birthday! Scott and my friend Kate threw me a superhero-themed surprise BBQ for my 30th. I thought I had figured out that there were surprise party plans in the works a few months prior, but Scott convinced me there wasn’t – and then there was. It was a lot of fun!

  2. How fun! What a great surprise. I never had a surprise birthday party .. but my husband did surprise me birthday trip to Miami (he even packed my suitcase!) last year which was pretty amazing. Sounds like an awesome time 🙂 Happy 30th!

  3. I was waiting to read this post! I’m throwing a surprise party for Aaron in two weeks and I’m so excited for it. I know next week is gonna be the hardest not to spill the beans. I was stressing over getting him there without being suspcious, but after chatting with Ry last night and getting some tips I’m feeling more confident! Happy birthday!

  4. So somehow I missed telling you happy birthday but I am now 🙂 Happy Birthday!!! And that’s an excellent way to ring in 30- clearly you have a great decade ahead of you!

  5. I love that he planned this for you, you deserve it! You really have awesome support system!

    I have thrown surprise parties but never had one for me (which is fine), I like throwing them but it’s so hard to keep it a secret sometimes!

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