The most common uncommon running injury.


Let’s go back to October 29th, 2013…about 10 days ago.

Just your normal Tuesday, went to work and then to the track for some speed work. OH! And it was my 30th Birthday! As I got out of the car to walk to the track I felt like I had a side stitch. That would be weird though because I hadn’t even started running yet! Literally, went to work, changed, drove to the track and when I got out of the car I had a side stitch.

I was able to get through my workout but had a side stitch the rest of the day. Wednesday, I woke up with a side stitch. I tried to go for a run and had to turn around after only running .3 miles.

My initial thought was that I somehow pulled something. All day Wednesday, Thursday and Friday I was in pain but it felt like a side stitch, only on my right side in my ribs. I attempted to run again but the pain got worse the more I ran. I decided to shut down the running since I was planning to run the Towpath Half Marathon.

To pass the time I took pictures of my husband putting up the leg lamp. Our neighbors probably think we are crazy but every November 1st, the leg lamp goes up. Ryan is probably the biggest Christmas Story movie fan you will ever meet.

November 1st=National Leg Lamp Day
November 1st=National Leg Lamp Day

Saturday I had even more pain in my ribs and a sharp stabbing pain in my back. Definitely getting worse but I refused to go to the doctor in hopes that it was a fluke and I could run on Sunday. I had been googling my symptoms and was pretty sure it was appendicitis or gallbladder so I distracted myself and went outlet mall shopping with my Mom and sister.

Ridding the train at the outlet mall
Ridding the train at the outlet mall

Saturday night I was pretty sure I wouldn’t be running my “A” race on Sunday. Yet another race where I trained hard and couldn’t even start the race.

Instead I got to watch Ryan capture a new PR! At least one of us can stay healthy.

Fast Finish
Fast Finish

Monday I finally went to the doctor, after almost a week of being in pain. The doctor told me it’s not gallbladder or appendicitis but costocondritis. I was like, ummm, what? Basically it’s an inflammation in your ribcage. Of course my first question was “How long til it heals?” and my second question was “Can I run?” It could take weeks for it to heal 😦 However, I’ve been cleared to run….if it doesn’t hurt. Sadly it hurts pretty bad so I won’t be running.

I was told this is actually pretty common in runners. “Wait, what? you inflame your ribcage from running?” Exactly my thoughts. Here this whole time I’m worried about feet, knees, legs etc and never imagined you could injure your ribs.

To top it off, I had an allergic reaction on Tuesday at work and my eye swelled up all day Wednesday and Thursday. I CAN’T WIN!!!

I take back everything I ever said about 30 not being so bad.

This guy is a good nurse though!
This guy is a good nurse though!

Anyone else ever have an odd running injury? I know 2 other runners who have also battled rib pain, Emily and Chelsea.

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