Rolling in the dough, celebrating and running again

As you know, I bake poticas with my mom every year, we bake for Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter. This year my little sister took over grinding the nuts and making the filling which was my job for the past 25+ years.

Poticas, bringing sisters together one roll at a time.
Poticas, bringing sisters together one roll at a time.

I took over Moms job and am now rolling the dough. It’s a lot of work and I’m not sure how she makes it look so easy. After rolling out 6 different doughs, I finally got one that was nearly perfect. We roll the dough out to about the length of a table so it’s not easy.

With my almost perfect dough
With my almost perfect dough

My in-laws wanted to take me out for a belated birthday dinner. I had to cancel on the first one due to a freak allergic reaction. However, we rescheduled and I made it out last night. Have I mentioned I won in the in-laws lottery?

Group picture
Group picture

And I’m not saying that because they took us to Strip Steakhouse in Avon yesterday.

IMG_2965 IMG_2967 IMG_2964

Ryan and I were both sporting the collared shirt and sweater combo. I’ve been channeling fashion tips from the new show Ravenswood. My new guilty pleasure show.

And the best news ever, I’m running again!!!! Just a little bit though. I took off a complete week and then Monday and Tuesday I ran 2 miles. Slowly. On the treadmill. Wednesday I ran 3 miles outside and this morning I ran 4 miles outside. In that week off we went from fall like temps to winter temps.

Bodhi's first snow
Bodhi’s first snow

We woke up Tuesday to a couple inches of snow on the ground. I was pretty sure Bodhi would be a wimp about it but he jumped right in and loved it! He was shaking from the cold but still wanted to play.

The goal for running now is to get a longish run in on Saturday and see how my rib cage holds up and if all is well I may be able to get a half marathon in at the end of the month and then start training for the Green Jewel 50K.

Oh and before I forget! I’ll be blogging for the Cleveland Marathon 2014, so happy to be included in this event!

bloggerbadge2014.SRV_1383923707There are 2 discount codes available if you register before November 21st! Use 2014RACM for $10 off the Full Marathon registration price or use 2014RACHM for $5 off the Half Marathon registration.


5 thoughts on “Rolling in the dough, celebrating and running again

  1. Ah! Bodhi is so cute! My hubby’s childhood dog loved the snow so much he said she would play out there until her feet literally froze up and she would fall over! They would have to carry her inside!

  2. WOW that is a lot of dough! I think its great to carry on traditions like that with your family, I know I always look forward to Christmas cookie making with my mom and sister!

    Bodhi is so cute! He is so small though, be careful he doesn’t get lost in the snow!!!

  3. I really want to go to Strip Steakhouse sometime – I hope the food was good! Sheila and I were out in Avon looking for some antiques (writing that made me feel very old!) and we were looking for somewhere to eat and we saw the really cool renovated old barn in which Strip is located. Menu looked awesome and the interior looked really cool but it looked like a place for a celebration so we decided to postpone it until we had something to celebrate in the future.

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