2013 Turkey Trot 5 Miler

I like to think I have raced in every type of weather condition that there is. I know I have trained in every type of weather condition. However, on Thanksgiving morning, for the annual Turkey Trot, I raced in the coldest, snowiest and slipperiest weather. (Snowiest and slipperiest? Nice made up words Jess).

It was so cold and windy that we ran from our car to the start area and laughed about the weather. That’s what you do when the weather is ridiculous, you laugh at it and at yourself. I admit I feel a little stupid in some of the weather I run in.

After a 1.5 mile warm up the laughing started to stop because the snow was cold, wet and continuously falling. We didn’t know we were going to get snow Thanksgiving morning but had expected the cold. The sidewalks were starting to get slick but I hoped the streets would stay clear with everyone walking and running on them.

The race started after a beautiful rendition of the national anthem by Carrie Vieweg who is a finalist in the Voice of McDonalds singing contest. As I started the race I had no problems even with the snow rapidly falling.

Starting line
Starting line

The first mile is almost entirely downhill so I had to remind myself not to go out too fast. Like always but it’s so hard at the Turkey Trot because there are so many talented runners there. However, people were slipping and falling all over the place so I quickly adjusted my pace to guarantee I would stay upright.

By mile 2 I had slowed down to a 7:15 pace and was slowing down even more because I could not get my footing. By mile 3 I had found a guy who was running in a cleared out lane and I ran behind him for a mile. He was running an 8:05 which was a little slower than I wanted but he blocked the wind and snow for me.

Hi Ryan!
Hi Ryan!

That’s not me in the picture but that is Ryan in the blue. It’s a good picture of how snowy it really was.

Hi Jess!
Hi Jess!

Ok you really can barely see me in this photo but to the far left you can see my black tights, my pink jacket and my blue and green shoes.

I threw out my goal time early on in this race but as I neared mile 4 I realized my time wasn’t going to be as bad as I thought it was. I thought for sure I was going to run a 42 at this race but I ended up with a 38:27 a 7:41 pace and 13th in my age group. I would love to place in my age group at this race but I never come close. Which I like because it is humbling and gives me something to work towards.

How was your Thanksgiving? Did you run on Thanksgiving? We run about 14 miles every Thanksgiving!


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3 thoughts on “2013 Turkey Trot 5 Miler

  1. Nice race! Congrats on sticking it out in the snowy weather and congrats on staying upright (definitely important!, Something I am not good at!). I ran on thanksgiving but just an easy 4 at home, it was definitely cold and snowy as well.

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