My First Juice Cleanse-I Can Be A Little Dramatic Without Food Sometimes

Let’s get this straight, I didn’t do a juice cleanse to lose weight, I did it to detox my body. My immune system has taken countless hits and I just wanted to start fresh. Multiple colds, asthma attacks, more colds, death colds, sinus infections, rib pain and now this last illness, bronchitis from death. I think I’m due for a fresh start and a break from being sick! For the record, I normally eat fairly healthy, little eating out, lots of fruits and veggies, water and beer.

I had read up on juice cleanses and had three thoughts. 1.) that’s a lot of juice 2.) I need to chew and 3.) holy crap these things are expensive. I went with the one day cleanse, I figure I could do anything for just one day. But maybe also I can’t really eat because I can’t stop coughing and have been on a tea and cough drop diet for a week anyways. To add to it I can’t run so the timing for this was perfect!

I decided to go with the Garden of Flavor juices since I had heard a lot about them recently. You can pick them up at Heinens so it was easy to get.

Juice number 1: 6:10am-I started this juice at the normal time I would eat breakfast to keep myself on the same schedule. However, I rarely drink anything flavored, besides coffee and beer so it too me a long time to finish the first juice. Finished it at 9am and towards the end it was getting too sweet for me but over all pretty good.

Juice number 2: 9:45am-started to get hungry so I figured I should grab the next juice. Then I got distracted and didn’t grab it until 10 and by then I was really hungry and craving a bagel with cream cheese. Juice number two is the cucumber one, I heard a lot of people liked this one but I feel like I am drinking a cucumber. I also feel like I might like this one if I blend it up with some ice, add some tequila and pour it into a salt rimmed glass but that’s just me.

10:34-I’m craving meatballs, I don’t know when my last one was but I can’t stop thinking about them…only 1/4 through the cucumber juice and already thinking about skipping and moving on to the next one.
10:41-maybe I should just chug it?
10:52-not even halfway through yet and I made the mistake of looking at a sangria recipe and now I NEED SANGRIA!
11:00-stomach growled, time to start chugging….halfway through
11:12-really it’s national pastry day today? Just kill me now.
11:18-Mexican food sounds amazing right now. Warm tortillas, sour cream, guacamole!
11:22-still attempting to chug, it’s like chugging a warm salad, maybe I should finish these faster so it’s not room temperature at the end.
11:24-Done! Finished! I never want that juice again. (There may have been just a bit at the end but I couldn’t take it)

My stomach is growling, I hope the next one is pepperoni pizza flavored.

11:49-In general I feel the same as normal, I read that a lot of people had headaches but I’m fine and I haven’t had much water today. I am hungry though but it’s not the end of the world. I just feel like I have been ready for lunch for the past 3 hours.

I think I’m going to make a breakfast casserole for dinner tomorrow night…and eat the whole thing by myself and cover it in syrup. <—That’s the hunger talking.

Juice number 3: 12:07pm, it’s green and smells like the cucumber one but I like this one more. I promised myself I would be less dramatic about this one. Especially since I’ve had a hacking cough for weeks and just noticed I haven’t coughed in over 2 hours. Is this the juice working it’s immune boosting magic?!?!?!

12:49-I had a small personal goal to finish this one by 1pm but I don’t think I am going to make it.
12:53-Out of the corner of my eye I thought I saw a bag of chex mix muddy paws mix…

It was a bag of cough drops not chex mix :(
It was a bag of cough drops not chex mix 😦

I was a little afraid someone at work was going to have french fries or fried food for lunch and the smell would drive me nuts but no one did. Phew, survived lunch.

1:07-About a quarter to go on this Mean Green juice. Starting to get luke warm so I am going to have to chug soon.
1:14-Just finished juice number 3! Noticed 2 cool things, 1.) it’s 100% juice and 2.) only 40 calories!

Juice number 4: 2:45-I had planned to start this one around 2 but I was feeling kind of nauseous after the last 2 juices. Or maybe it’s hunger. If it seems like I am drinking so many juices at once remember I am up early and usually eat breakfast by 6 and am embarrassingly in bed by 9:30. I usually eat an early dinner too.

2:50-This juice isn’t too bad, Twisted Roots, you can taste the rooty-ness of it though. Like dirty carrots or something. It’s a pretty bright reddish-purple-pink color, I’m guessing it has beets in it. I hate beets but would take this over the past two green ones. I could probably Google what is in each bottle but I kind of like guessing.
2:57-I’ve decided this juice is too sweet and not sure I’ll be able to finish it. Maybe a straw would be easier? Or a shot glass, I could play power hour with my juice.

3:16-Still too sweet and rooty but it’s going down fairly easily and I feel less nauseous so maybe I was just hungry before.

3:40-I’m less hungry than I was earlier in the day and I’m not craving every single food that pops into my head.

4:57-Husband made oatmeal before his run. Me: “OMG that smells amazing!” Him: (looking at me annoyed) “It’s just oatmeal” Me: “I know but it smells so good!” (He walks away) Me: “I can get up at midnight and eat right?” I hear him chuckling from the other room.

Juice number 5: 5:22- omg it is amazing and tastes like cinnamon and almonds and it is milk. I love milk! Seriously, I really do love milk. This is by far my favorite drink! Can I just do 6 of these next time?

6:47-just finished the White knight juice and loved it. I continued to drink all the juices during my normal meal times. I’d say right now I actually feel full.

Bodhi loves water bottles so I had a hard time drinking without him attacking me.
Bodhi loves water bottles so I had a hard time drinking without him attacking me.

Juice number 6: 7:45-it’s not a juice it’s a spicy lemonade. Which is good because I’m still full from the last juice. I don’t usually eat this late at night but since it is water I’ll let it slide.

8:17-I was just thinking that I’m really not hungry and feel the same as always. Still a little more than half to go on my last juice and what does my husband do? He makes meatballs for dinner!!!!!!

8:59-The last juice/water is not finished. We just finished watching Bad Santa and I’m going to bed.


Today I woke up not hungry. I wake up every morning starving and can’t wait for breakfast. Today when I went to eat breakfast I wasn’t even hungry still so I took my breakfast with me and still have yet to eat it.

I weighed myself and weigh exactly the same as I did before I started the 1 day juice cleanse. During the cleanse I had the juices and water. No coffee, tea or raw fruits or veggies, just juice and water. I drink tons of water normally and had tons of tea all weekend so I should have had water weight to lose.

Would I do this again? I could see myself doing it again but probably only if I sick and need a restart.

P.S. I am making breakfast casserole for dinner tonight 😉

6 thoughts on “My First Juice Cleanse-I Can Be A Little Dramatic Without Food Sometimes

  1. I’m actually going to do that same juice cleanse at the start of my Christmas break. I too don’t want to do it to lose weight, but simply for a detox of sorts. I love that you were craving meatballs, now I am. Thanks.

  2. Gosh is it just me or does 6 juices in one day seem like a lot?! I kind of want to try one of these but maybe do a few days worth of juices mixed with salads for dinner.

  3. Ok ladies, if I can do a juice cleanse I KNOW you can do it! We did the 3 day. I actually loved it and was never hungry. And this is from a girl who is constantly hungry and thinking about food!!!
    …I just need to be a millionaire so I could do it more. My favs are Anna in the Raw or Suja.

  4. We think the same way-I saw that bag of cough drops and thought “Oh no! Someone brought Jess Chex Muddy mix!” 🙂 A friend at work swears by an occasional juice cleanse. I may have to give it a try. Hope you are feeling better soon!

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