Mastering Making Up Your Own Recipes

This title is a little misleading, although, sometimes I do make up my own recipes.

My latest creations have been Egg bake and Pad Thai. That’s right this little Croatian girl is making Pad Thai.

Egg bakes have been around for ever and you can google (Or pinterest) a bunch of different recipes pretty easily. My Mom has been making it for years and it’s a Christmas morning staple. Shoot, if she reads this and knows I know how to make it then she’s going to make me bring it on Christmas morning! (Can’t do it, gotta run!)

Anyways, Mom is the master of cooking and making up recipes off the top of her head. I’ve always thought she was wickedly smart for being able to do this. However, I’ve started doing it too. Maybe my future kids will think I’m wicked smart now.

In the past Mom has made multiple kinds of egg bake but my favorite is always the sausage egg bake. Some make it with potatoes or tater tots and they are always my least favorite ones. If I want a potato I’ll eat a potato. Last night I made egg bake for dinner with a recipe I pretty much pulled out of my guza.

Egg Bake Recipe:

6-8 slices of Italian white bread, cubed
1-pork sausage, cooked
6-8 eggs, beat with a splash of milk,
salt and pepper to taste
and topped with about a bag of cheddar cheese.

After the sausage was cooked I tossed everything into a grease lined casserole dish and bake it at 350 for 50 minutes. Since this is a breakfast recipe I covered it with maple syrup. I don’t know why but I love syrup on my sausage and eggs.

Forgot to take a picture until days later.
Forgot to take a picture until days later.

I have a secret love for Pad Thai but the last time I had it I found half a cockroach in my food and haven’t been able to eat it at restaurants since. Sometimes I really really miss it but just can’t get over the cockroach in it so I go without it. Then I started looking up recipes and it’s really not hard to make at home!

Pad Thai Recipe

Rice Noodles-Target carries them
Brown Sugar
soy sauce
2 eggs
chicken-I used 1 breast
vegetable oil
cilantro (actually I didn’t use cilantro)

I wasn’t really measuring so good luck with that part. I soaked the rice noodles, the directions are on the package and while they were soaking I pan cooked some chicken breasts and make my sauce. My sauce is just lime juice, sriracha, soy sauce and brown sugar. Then I heated some vegetable oil and garlic in a large pan. (we have this wok looking thing, no idea where it came from).

Toss in scallions to oil, add eggs to scramblish. Once the eggs are cooked transfer to a plate but toss the rice noodles (drained) into the same pan. Add sauce mixture and toss til warm. Add in some chopped up chicken and transfer to serving plates. Top with peanuts.

Looks good!
Looks good!

I wasn’t happy with how it came out. I followed the directions for the noodles on the packaging but they were still hard. Maybe it was a really old package  of noodles? Despite the noodles being too hard, Ryan said he loved it. He’s so smart 😉

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