Wedding Picture Spots #2 and #3

I’m actually not really sure where these were taken but it was on the West Bank of the Flats still.

Me and my beautiful MOH
Me and my beautiful MOH
Have I mentioned how much I love bridges!

072713RJW-487         072713RJW-489 072713RJW-491

There was a little bit of wind but we were able to use that to our advantage and get some cool shots of the veil in the wind.

072713RJW-533 072713RJW-537

We really didn’t have a whole lot of time in between the ceremony and the reception but still managed to get a ton of pictures in and went to 3 locations.

072713RJW-519 072713RJW-524 072713RJW-528

These next set of pictures were all taken on that bridge next to Shooters. I have plans to go back every year on our anniversary to take a picture there.

My bouquet weighed like 20 pounds but it made my arms look toned in all the pictures.

See my tip above on how to have toned arms for wedding pictures.

My Mom calls this the runaway bride photo

I have a slight obsession with black and white photos.

072713RJW-556 072713RJW-563 072713RJW-569 072713RJW-570

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