Reception: The Party Don’t Start Til I Walk In

A few small details from the wedding reception site. I wrapped lace around about 400 votive candles that were placed on all the tables (I still have some if anyone wants to buy them off of me). The cake was delicious and was from Cakes by Maria and Joe in Eastlake.

                             072713RJW-588 072713RJW-594

I found a decorative box at Big Lots and had my step dad cut a hole in the top to use for cards. A few shots of slivo for good luck and wine corks that I turned into placecards. Assigned seating for a large wedding wasn’t nearly as bad as everyone made it seem. Plus then I knew where everyone was sitting!

072713RJW-599 072713RJW-608

After all the formal stuff it’s nice to finally let loose and celebrate with family and friends.

072713RJW-611Having a Croatian tambura band at our wedding was no question but it had to be my Uncle’s band. I couldn’t imagine having a different group of guys playing.

Our photographer came by at one point and asked for our rings and snapped this awesome picture. Wow

 072713RJW-640 072713RJW-643 072713RJW-646 072713RJW-649 072713RJW-652

I am not sure how but I convinced the groom that we had to have Kesha’s Tik Tok as our entrance song. He may have put up a fight but in the end I got my way.

“The party don’t start til I walk in”

072713RJW-654 072713RJW-661 072713RJW-663 072713RJW-665

A over a year before our wedding I had decided who I wanted to do the prayer at the wedding. I saw Ryan’s Uncle Jerry say the prayer at his daughters wedding and I couldn’t imagine anyone else saying the prayer at ours after that. He did a great job and even gave us a copy of the prayer.

Ryan's Uncle Jerry
Ryan’s Uncle Jerry

I’d like to say I am a little biased but after hearing the reviews, our maid of honor and best man had awesome speeches. Heartfelt and not too long. Just Perfect!

I was afraid my MOH would be a little nervous because she said to me “I’ve never had to give a speech in front of that many people.” but if she was nervous I couldn’t tell. She had her notes written down but didn’t even need them. I loved that she threw in inside jokes and key words that I would get but didn’t bore the crowd. That’s how you know you have a good speech!

072713RJW-669 072713RJW-674 072713RJW-675

I was told that our best man is a pro at giving speeches and I was blown away. He didn’t have his speech written down, he had the whole thing in his head and it was by far the greatest best man speech that I have ever heard. I’ve never been so impressed and proud that Ryan has him as a best friend.

072713RJW-678 072713RJW-680 072713RJW-685

The food at the hall was incredible, chicken, roast beef, schnitzel, wedding soup, I don’t even remember what else there was because everyone was in love with the schnitzel.

These guys
These guys

I think it was these guys who had a schnitzel eating contest and probably woke up with schnitzel hangovers.


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