Reception: Dancing, Bouquet and Garter Toss, Friends and Break Dancind Dentists

One of the best pieces of wedding advice I received from our DJ! DJ Louie of Unlimited Music Productions knows how to party. His advise to us was “The party is where the bride and groom are. If you are at the bar, your guests will congregate to the bar and if you are on the dance floor your guests will congregate there.”

072713RJW-889 072713RJW-959

Well he was right! We wanted our guests on the dance floor so that’s where we went and we had a packed dance floor all night.

072713RJW-891 072713RJW-894 072713RJW-895 072713RJW-904

I’ve mentioned this before but I have proof in the pictures. I met the people below when I was 4 years old and we are still friends til this day! We grew up together performing in American Zagreb Junior Tamburitzans and so glad we could get a picture in the exact same order 20 plus years later!

73441_1307832155381_2970343_n 072713RJW-900

Believe it or not, I met the people in the picture below this one when I was 2 years old! We also are all still friends today.

     578563_10100378517470052_103100521_n 072713RJW-850

I was pretty sure I was going to over throw the bouquet and I think I under threw it.

072713RJW-1009 072713RJW-1010

Luckily, my friend Maria ran up and grabbed it.

072713RJW-1011 072713RJW-1012

I think the garter toss was one of the things Ryan was nervous about before the wedding. The day off, it was nothing but laughing.

072713RJW-1017 072713RJW-1018

And the guy to catch the garter was Maria’s boyfriend Brian!072713RJW-1022 072713RJW-1024

Now I could end the wedding posts with the disco inferno that my cousin-in-law, Paul, set up for us with the help of the DJ (while that was an awesome part of the night and were told “longest disco inferno they’ve ever seen” loved it!). We have to share picture of our break dancing dentist! (Not our actual dentist, our friend who is a dentist)

072713RJW-974 072713RJW-975 072713RJW-976 072713RJW-977

I’ve received a ton of emails about my wedding posts (I’m trying to get back to you all) so I am glad so many people enjoyed them and “felt like you were there”. I think it’s time to tap back into the running part of this blog though.

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