Successful Christmas Eve

I was a little bummed this Christmas Eve as I’ve been battling another sore throat. I still cannot manage to stay healthy. However, I skipped the race I was planning to run and rested all day to assure myself I’d be well enough to hang out with family tonight.

I have yet to miss a Christmas Eve with my family and don’t plan to yet. Especially when they do crazy thing like this.

Yes that is a stove that has been taped shut. Everyone loves to open the oven to check on the prime rib but it lets out the heat so a couple years ago they started to duct tape it shut to ensure no one opens it.

No fear of the guy with the sharp knives. He knows what he’s doing.


My family puts up with my taking a bunch of pictures. I mean it’s for the blog 😉

We all pick names prior to Christmas and then exchange on Christmas Eve.

I’m not sure why by we got into a conversation about shoe sizes. It was determined even with 2 10 yr olds in the house, I still had the smallest feet.

After we made fun of my hobbit sized feet we sang happy birthday to Jesus which means, ice cream cake!

All in all, it was yet another successful Christmas Eve with the family.


Disclosure: I did this entire blog from my phone. Sorry if the formatting is off or if it is not spell checked.

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