Christmas Was 5 Days Ago And I’ve Just Now Recovered

Just kidding, my mind is still on vacation/Christmas/sugar cookie mode.

Bodhi's 1st Christmas
Bodhi’s 1st Christmas

Bodhi had no problem opening his Christmas presents Christmas morning. Santa only brought him 2 toys but his Aunt Lisa gave him 2 toys as well. I think Bodhi is more of a baby than a puppy sometimes.

After Ryan and I exchanged presents we headed out for our Christmas morning run. The neighborhood must officially think we are crazy. Before we knew it we were off to visit friends and family for the day. (I may have squeezed in some Call of Duty before we left)

My sister talked us into playing a new game called Blink. It took me a few games to figure out because it is very fast paced but it was a blast and I look forward to playing it again soon. I have yet to play cards against humanity but I have played blink, I’m clearly in the cool kids club.


Ryan took his annual nap at my Mom’s house. He passes out just after presents, I’m sure he loves that I document it.

I gave my Mom’s pups matching sweaters this year. They love wearing clothes. (I’m being serious). Farmer Dave was brushing the dogs, incase that picture looks a little weird.

IMG_3227 IMG_3220

My sister changed her clothes multiple times on Christmas morning, almost always to a different set of pajamas. I need to start doing that. We also had the annual Christmas trifle. We came up with that tradition a few years ago and I’m really glad it stuck around. Just wish there was a way to have trifle leftovers.

                   IMG_3226 IMG_3222

My family and Ryan’s family live exactly 30 minutes from us but in the opposite directions. So we only have a 30 minute drive to get to my Mom’s but when we leave to go to his parent’s house we have an hour drive ahead of us. It’s a lot of driving but always worth it to spend time with our family.

My FIL is slightly in love with Bodhi
My FIL is slightly in love with Bodhi

The In laws love Bodhi so much they even got him an ornament! They also let us bring him over which is nice so we don’t have to leave him home alone on the holidays.

Too cute!
Too cute!

While we didn’t tap into this bottle of grey goose, look how big it is!


It was a long and early day so Bodhi couldn’t hold his head up any longer.

“Can we go home? I’m sleepy”

Before we knew it he was passed out in “Grandpa’s” arms. As if he needed to melt his heart any more.

IMG_3236I’m so happy to have so many amazing people in my life (and not just Bodhi, although he is cute).

Creepy tired picture of us
Creepy tired picture of us


2 thoughts on “Christmas Was 5 Days Ago And I’ve Just Now Recovered

  1. Looks like a great Christmas! Bodhi is so stinkin cute!

    I haven’t played blink BUT I have played cards against humanity..we actually got my family to play it late night on Christmas eve after the little ones went to bed! Things you never thought you would hear your 70 year old aunt say…..

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