A Heartbreaking Start to 2014

First let’s start with how awesome New Year’s Eve was. I had a low key night with 3 of my favorite people (Ryan, Bill & Crystal) and couldn’t have asked for a better night. We started off the night with dinner at Cork & Cleaver. I admit looking at the menu I wasn’t super excited, however, the food was phenomenal. I cannot wait to go back.


After dinner the snow was coming down which was no problem for us because we were staying in for the night. We instantly changed into comfy clothes, opened some beers and sat down for some cards against humanity.

Bodhi wanted to play too
Bodhi wanted to play too

After hours of laughing over cards against humanity, we watched the ball drop and then finished the night by watching the Christmas SNL with Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake…for the second time. 3 of us passed out on the couch by 2am, oops make that 4, Bodhi passed out too.

Bodhi and I eventually moved to the bedroom and for the first time ever we let Bodhi sleep in bed with us so that he wouldn’t disturb our guests while they slept. He did awesome and slept like a champ between us.

New Years Day morning I had signed up for a spinning class that I was really excited about, it was 1.5 hours long and I had been looking forward to it for 2 weeks. I got up and started getting ready and left Bodhi in bed with Ryan. I was still in the room gathering my things and Bodhi got excited or thought I was leaving the room without him (he follows me everywhere) and jumped off the bed.

We are always so careful with him and what we let him jump off of. We are very cautious with him.

Well the jump off the bed had a loud yelp when he landed and I knew right away something was wrong. I instantly picked him up and held him but it was clear he injured his paw and we needed to go to the vet ASAP. Luckily when choosing a vet I pick one very close to our house and also open 24-7.

I didn’t even bother to brush my hair or put makeup on (rare for me to leave the house doing so), I couldn’t even put on a coat or sweatshirt. All I could do was hold Bodhi close so that his paw was secure.

We arrived at the vet and we were so well taken care of. We received a room almost instantly and Bodhi saw the doc soon after. After a few x-rays were done it was determined that he had 2 fractures in his front paw (I actually thought he dislocated a shoulder the way he was acting.). The vet techs are in love with Bodhi so he was in very good hands and they even gave him a special cast.

Poor baby
Poor baby

We canceled all plans for the rest of the day so that we could give him attention and tell him how sorry we are.

Getting some love from Uncle Bill
Getting some love from Uncle Bill

Ryan and I feel so heartbroken over this. We know it’s our fault for letting him on the bed and it was the first time ever too. We are just kicking ourselves over this.

IMG_3298He has a really hard time sleeping because he can’t get comfy and I put a sock over his cast because he was trying to bite at it.


We entertained ourselves by taking selfies through part of the day. I think I have 20 pictures of Bodhi on my phone from yesterday alone. I also bought him new toys and a flatter bed so he can get in and out of it easier. His cast gets caught on everything.

IMG_3311This sleeping picture was one of the best positions for him.

Go outside?
Go outside?

Going outside is a challenge because we a special bag to put on him and then we put a plastic bag over that. Of course we have inches of snow outside right now so trying to keep the cast dry is a challenge. However, Bodhi has been so patient with us as we get him ready to go out, never once has he fought us for trying to take him outside and putting all these things on his foot.

And then our hearts melted when our friends sent us messages for Bodhi.

Baffi says “this too shall pass”

Baffi is a trooper too
Baffi is a trooper too

Then Shelby and Henry sent Bodhi some well wishes as well.

Such well-behaved dogs!

Hopefully you had a better start to your new year than Bodhi did. He’ll be in the cast for 8-10 weeks:(

8 thoughts on “A Heartbreaking Start to 2014

  1. Oh, Jess. Bodhi looks like such a trooper and you can’t be too hard on yourself about this. You two are great doggy-parents and this really will pass. I’m sending my love your (and Bodhi’s) way with prayers for a speedy recovery.

    Also – love the pet support pictures! What great friends.

  2. That’s unfortunate but the good thing is I’m sure everyone learned a lesson from this. I have heard of similar things happening with older dogs who were allowed on furniture, have aged and don’t realize they can’t jump up/down like they used to anymore. With covering his cast… I wonder if a poo bag would fit better on his leg? Sorry if that sounds random! We got to West Park too and they are really great!

  3. Aww, poor Bodhi! You can’t be too hard on yourself! Accidents happen and you’re taking the absolute best care of him you can. Sam and Tobey send tail wags for Bodhi to feel better soon!

  4. He looks cute in his cast! Don’t beat yourself up too much about this-it’s not like you could have predicted that this would have happened and you acted quickly to make sure that he got on the road to recovery. Butters was sick very often during the first year in which we had him and despite many vet trips and countless changes in food we never could figure out what was wrong. Nobody knew where he came from or if he had a previous owner, so there was nobody to ask. Then a vet tech suggested that he may be allergic to grain, so we tried a grain-free food. Problem solved!

  5. Aweee! Bummer, feel better soon Bodhi! But girl, don’t beat yourself up. These things happen, that is why they are called accidents. You are a great mom to your little pup. Sorry your new year didn’t start the way you wanted it to, but the good news is you have over 360 days to make it great.

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