Gearing Up For The 2014 Season and My Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon Training Plan!

There was a lot of time that went into preparing this training plan. I took a plan from 2 years ago that I used and revamped it. This training schedule contains the races I plan to use in my training (you can find my full 2014 race schedule here!), it is built around holidays/travel plans and incorporates cross training.

That's me!
That’s me!

I would label this as an advanced intermediate training plan. The plan has 40-50 miles a week which happens to be my sweet spot for running. Not too much and not too little and I still have a social life.

This is from my surprise 30th! I'm old!
This is from my surprise 30th! I’m old!

I’ve incorporated swimming and cycling into my training this year as part of my cross training. My swimming and cycling need lots of work so it is safe to say there will be no triathlons in my future. I also use the Nike Training App for some extra cross training. I love their 15 minute focus workouts. (I’ll have a cross training post soon, it’s in the works!)

Fellow Official Marathon Blogger Beal got me hooked on spinning. I now attend Psycle twice a week!
Fellow official marathon blogger, extreme cyclist and yes he is single, Beal got me hooked on spinning. I now attend Psycle twice a week!

After I was injured for most of 2012, I started to get regular massages at Soothe Massage in Rocky River. I aim to go every 4-5 weeks and really feel the difference. You may think “that gets expensive to go that often” but keep in mind that I do not have a gym membership! We have a treadmill at home but I run outside as much as possible, I pay for spin classes and massages and am lucky enough to live in Cleveland and attend their rec centers for free! I just learned this recently and am taking full advantage of it.

Below is my 2014 Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon training plan but you can also get a PDF copy here -> 2014Training Plan CLE.

 photo 3d6d1936-1494-421c-ba16-0693562e4b58_zps28a21834.jpg

  1. I take AT LEAST 1 rest day a week. I find it very important to listen to your body.
  2. WU=Warm UP and CD= Cool Down
  3. On the weeks of my really long runs I try to run less on Wednesdays and Thursdays to give my legs a little rest.
  4. The first two weeks of the plan are really just to get me ready for following a plan. I’ve been consistently running 10-14 miles on the weekends so I can successfully jump into long runs.
  5. I take my easy runs EASY! Any pace, it’s more just to get the legs moving.
  6. Long Runs I aim to run 60-90 seconds slower than marathon goal pace.
  7. I bought my first pair of Yak-Traks this year so I can be more stable outside. Although the treadmill is my friend. (I have asthma so I have to be careful running in cold weather anyways.)
Hopefully my husband, the yak trak pro fill put these on my shoes for me.
Hopefully my husband, the yak trak pro fill put these on my shoes for me.

8.  I do core, squats and light weight training (5-8lbs) 2-3 time a week. No schedule for it but usually do it while watching TV.
9.  I have not 1 but 2 foam rollers. Even Bodhi is a fan of the foam roller.

That is actually a rumble roller and it actually hurts!
That is actually a rumble roller and it actually hurts!

10.  I take gu on long runs and have been using Clif Shot Bloks (Black Cherry) lately and love them. I also hydrate before, during and after runs with NUUN.

Nuun Hydration
Nuun Hydration

The Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon will be my 12th marathon and I’m very excited to be a part of the Cleveland Experience!

The Logo, that's me, from when I ran in 2011
The Logo, that’s me, from when I ran in 2011

Do you follow a training plan? Do you find one online? Have a coach? Go PLANLESS? I love and am slightly obsessed with my training plan and love putting one together on my own. I know what I am capable of and it’s never a problem to push myself.

19 thoughts on “Gearing Up For The 2014 Season and My Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon Training Plan!

  1. I’m curious about how you choose your workouts. I only see one workout (week 13) that looks like a tempo run. I don’t know much about marathon training but I always thought that those, along with long runs, were a staple for marathoners. Also, why so many 800 workouts?

  2. Sometimes my Thursday runs are tempos but I don’t ever plan them or feel like I have to have them in my plan. I find speedwork and the long run to be the most importants parts of marathon training. I do 800s as my speedwork but every once in a while I toss in some goal pace workouts or mile repeats to switch it up. Most coaches recommend doing 800s once a week and building from 3-4 800s to 8-10 800s. I tap out at 8 though.

  3. All about the plans. My love for spreadsheets knows no bounds and yours is gorgeous! I will be putting together a plan for the half but not until next month – I almost burned out on my plan last year (21 weeks.) I guess I got a little too excited. I admire how you build in races into your long runs – don’t know how you do it but love to see you kill it!

  4. I always have a plan – whether I follow it or not is another story. Color-coded Excel training schedules are my favoriteeeee. But usually about 4-6 weeks in I get burned out and then wing it the rest of the way. One of these cycles I’ll actually make it through (it’s only happened once, for Marine Corps 2011 and I still have no idea how it happened!)

    Best of luck with your training for Cleveland!

  5. Great tip about the rec centers in Cleveland. We are looking at joining one of the 3 gyms in West Park\Kamm’s Corners but if the rec center is good enough I hope that we can go with that. I can’t wait to go check out Gunning – just checked out the schedule and saw that they are open Saturdays too! We looked at a house down the street from Gunning but the utility costs were too high and the plane noise was overwhelming, so we passed on it.

  6. I need to get to PsyCLE asap!! Also I really like the way you have this laid out and may just have to borrow it for my own training plan. I don’t really know how to make one so I think I’m just going to wing it as far as how many miles I should do but I have been looking at a lot of 10K training plans so hopefully those will help, but most of them are only like 5-6 weeks long and I want to start training NOW for the Cleveland Marathon 10K.

    Also, what rec centers do you go to? I never knew they were free!

    One more thing… The longest mileage I’ve ever done is about 3.5 miles, so I’ve never used gu or anything like it. Do you think that’s something I’ll need for the 10k? I’m so unexperienced when it comes to that kind of stuff. Well a lot of stuff about running actually… haha.

    Thanks for your help & good luck training!!! Maybe I’ll see you on race day 🙂

    1. There are plenty of training plans online. I recommend finding one that you can follow and use it as a guideline. Take the 5-6 week plan but do each week twice. Do week 1 twice and then week 2 and so on so your 5-6 week plan becomes 10-12.
      If you live in the city of Cleveland you get to go to the rec centers for free! So we go to Gunning Recreation Center.
      I’d say for a 10k you won’t need it. I recommend GU for 10 miles or longer. The package says to take it every 45 minutes to an hour. I usually aim to take it every hour of running.

  7. Love your plans for Cleveland. I think it looks like a solid plan and its great that you are incorporating more cross training in there as well. I love the Nike Fitness Club app, especially the 15 minutes ones like you said- quick and gets the job done!

  8. Getting a massage every 4-5 weeks does not seem nearly as expensive as a gym membership or weekly PT visits to keep away injuries! I think getting a massage once a month or so is a great idea! Your training plan looks great. So excited for you!

  9. I found your blog on the CLE marathon website. I am training for my fifth full this May 18th, and I’m following your 2013 CLE plan. Thanks for posting your training plans, the 3-4 day running is new for me, and I am loving the NTC app!! Best wishes on your training.

    1. I’m so glad you are using that plan! I loved that one and it was great to be able to come back from an injury and be able to train . I felt very prepared with that plan even though I was running less.

  10. Thanks so much for your post. I love looking at other runners training plans! Especially runners that are more advanced than me – gives me something to aspire to! I had a question about the Cleveland rec centers – I’m also a runner living in Cleveland and was wondering what amenities the rec centers offer. Specifically, do they have treadmills? I haven’t been able to get much info off their website… I much prefer to run outside, but with the cold and snow I’m looking for an alternative without having to pay for a gym membership. Thanks

    1. I’ve only gone to Gunning Recreation so far and I believe they have a cardio room. Believe it or not I have not seen it yet! I head straight to the pool when I am there. However, I think all the recreation centers have a cardio room and some have indoor tracks (although they are small)

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