Ryan and I are so happy to announce that

We are fundraising for Jordan’s Family Foundation (JFF) this running season!

In the past, Ryan has raised over $3,000 for this awesome, local foundation and I couldn’t wait to join him. Together we are running the Green Jewel 50K relay, then Ryan is returning to run the Boston Marathon and I will be running the Cleveland Marathon.

Healthy Starts, Happy Hearts, Ryan and Jess Making it Happen!

We are so excited to be able to have the opportunity to fundraise for such an amazing organization. We are even more excited to actually know and love the family who started this organization.

Please read the except below from Corey Rossen the Jordan’s Family Foundation President to gain some information on this foundation.

Jordan’s Family Foundation was created when we learned that our daughter, Jordan, was born with a heart defect.  After learning of Jordan’s condition, we met with our “team” of doctors and scoured the internet for as much information as we could obtain, we realized two staggering facts:  one, Congenital Heart Diseases, though not widely acknowledged, are the most common birth defect, and two, very little money is dedicated to the research of Congenital Heart Diseases.  We decided to begin raising awareness and money for the research and education of congenital heart disease, with a focus on pediatrics.  Since that time, we have also discovered that our son, Dawson, was born with a completely different heart condition.  Neither our son nor daughter’s conditions are genetic disorders, they are simply a part of the staggering statistic that nearly 1 in 100 children are born with heart disease.
Jordan's Family Foundation
Jordan’s Family Foundation
In the past two years Jordan has undergone massive open heart surgery, the first of multiple surgeries.  Dawson underwent surgery after having collapsed at a friend’s birthday party.  His condition is curable while Jordan will face her heart condition for her entire life.  These surgeries and medical advancements have all been made possible by the research and education that has occurred in the past.  Current and future discoveries are made through contributions and the funding of research programs from individuals and organizations such as Jordan’s Family Foundation.
Hi Jordan!
Hi Jordan!
Through the years JFF, a member of the United Way as a designated charity for Health and Human Services and the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC), has been fortunate enough to raise enough money to donate nearly $80,000 to many organizations.  These organizations include the Cleveland Clinic Children’s Hospital Cardiac Research Division, American Heart Association, Ronald McDonald House, the Congenital Heart Information Network and Flying Horse Farms (a division of the Hole in the Wall Gang Charities).
JFF also conducts community events such as Fitness Fits Everyone! (where more than 3500 people join together to learn about eating healthy, being active and having fun), host a children’s biathlon event, participates in the Healthy Family Training Camp with the Cleveland Browns, has spoken at the American Heart Association’s Go Red! For Women campaign events, sponsored Hockey for a Healthy Heart with the Lake Erie Monsters, coordinates  “Red Out, Fighting Heart Disease is a Real Sport” and have had interactive and informative booths at local children’s events such as “Meet the Trucks” and Walk-n-Roll Lakewood.

Now if could things could get any better. Not only has Jordan been through heart surgery but she has joined her school’s cross country team! Ryan and I went to cheer her on this year and you have not lived until you have watched grade school cross country. Jordan really impressed us with how well she tackled a hilly course and smiled each time she passed us.

Please consider a donation to this wonderful cause. No matter how big or small, we are extremely grateful for every bit we can raise.

Visit our page, Healthy Starts, Happy Hearts, Ryan and Jess Making it Happen!

10 thoughts on “Ryan and I are so happy to announce that

  1. Oh my gosh… thank you SO MUCH for posting about this organization! I need to get involved with this!! I actually have a congenital heart disease and had open heart surgery when I was 13! (I have a blog post I’m writing about my heart story that I’m hoping to finish soon).

    And I’m so thankful that you guys are raising money for such an important cause! Wow I’m blown away 🙂

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