Calling All Bakers: I Need Your Help For A Virtual Foundraiser!

A few years ago Running Ricig did a bake sale fundraiser that has yet to leave my memory. I always thought the idea of it was great but probably very time consuming. Well after years of thinking about his “bake sale” I’m biting the bullet and doing one myself. I’m happy to say I already have some awesome bakers on the list. Hi Mom!

Don’t kill me for posting this picture!

If you’ve been dying to try one of the poticas (nutrolls), that my Mom and I bake, you’ll finally have your chance. Unless Ryan out bids you.

This was a picture of one as my Mom was turning them in the oven.

The Virtual Blog Bake Sale will start on a Monday and end on a Friday to ensure you have plenty of time to bid. It will also give the bakers time to bake on the weekend and ship soon.  I promise you this doesn’t sound as crazy as it actually is.

I have been obsessed with making fudge lately so I’ll probably make some Fluffer Nutter Fudge for the bake sale. I’ve tweaked the recipe a bit. aka more marshmallows.

This picture is from but even mine came out looking similar. Which is rare.
This picture is from Shugary Sweets but even mine came out looking similar. Which is rare.

What I need from you:


I’m asking that you bake a dish (or two if you want), here is your chance to show off those cookies, brownies, breads, fudge, marshmallows, vegan, gluten free, macaroons etc. Send me the name of what you will be baking, short description and picture are optional but helpful. I’ll post all the bake sale items on the blog. If you have a link to the recipe on your blog let me know so I can link to it.

I’ll open the bidding on the blog and when the sale is over, I’ll let you know so you can start baking and mail the item to the winner. (yes, you’ll be responsible for shipping charges but they shouldn’t be much) USPS has flat rate boxes, if it fits, it ships! (Thanks Sarah!)


I’ll need you to keep an eye on the site and bid on your favorite items. You’ll email me your bids, that way I have easy access to get your address if you win! I’ll be sure to update the bids throughout the day. The winning bidder makes their donation directly to Jordan’s Family Foundation and once it is received the volunteer bakers can send their goodies. All bids will start at $5.

So Bakers, email me at mojamala2blog@gmail.com and Bidders stay tuned, you’re clearly the real winners in this!

I’ve don’t think I’ve ever been so excited for a fundraiser. It’s like a heart racing rush. Once I have my list of bakers, I’ll pick a date and get this thing started!

Disclosure: This is for U.S. only to save on shipping costs.

3 thoughts on “Calling All Bakers: I Need Your Help For A Virtual Foundraiser!

  1. I love this idea!!! I have one recipe I could make, that would be different… If I can find candied cherries still in the store, I will email you and add my name to the bakers list.

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