Cleveland Marathon Training Week 1: I Can I Will

The weather has not been cooperating lately, it’s been almost 2 weeks since I ran outside. It’s not always the snow that keeps me inside but lots of cold and I’m not risking frostbite…again.

White out!
White out!

That doesn’t mean I can’t get my workouts in though. Treadmill running may not be easy but it’s warm, dry and an even surface. There have been a lot of people with injuries after running on uneven snow this year so make sure you are careful and dressed warm if you run outside.


Week 1:

Monday: 3 mile run and 1 hour spin (with my new cycling shoes!)
Tuesday: Speedwork-1 mile WU, 5-800s, 1 mile CD. I was on the treadmill so I didn’t time my 800s, just ran really fast, I think they were all around 3:25. I did the following workout on Tuesday and Thursday this week. I call it a conditioning workout.

Get Strong
Get Strong

Wednesday: 3.12 mile run in the AM, 5 mile run in the PM
Thursday: Conditioning work in the AM with Bodhi trying to play.

Sometimes planks have to be done 1 handed.
Sometimes planks have to be done 1 handed.

4 mile run and 35 mins of swimming in the PM
Friday: 15 Mile long run on the treadmill. If I’m not going out on a Friday night then I do my long run that day instead. Then I can sleep in a little on Saturday 🙂
Saturday: Rest day
Sunday: 5 mile run and 1 hour spin and strength training in the PM

Total Mileage: 35.62

If this is your first time training for a marathon, don’t be discouraged by my long runs. I’ve been running 13-15 miles pretty easily for the past couple weekends so I’m just maintaining it right now.

By the end of the week I was feeling very much like this. I took out my 5 miler on Sunday because I didn’t really feel like I needed it. I want to run quality miles and don’t want to kill my legs and end up injured.

Speaking of Bodhi, he no longer has to wear the cone..unless he keeps chewing on his cast.

I saw this shirt on etsy and I’m pretty sure I need it! Maybe I’ll reward myself with one after some good long runs…or warmer weather. (They also make it for 13.1!) (shhh I may have ordered myself some other goodies on this site. Can’t wait to show you.)

I'm a 26.2
I’m a 26.2

Now hurry up and study your Cleveland Marathon knowledge because they are have a contest on their twitter page at 10 AM! There will be one male and female winner this week. #RUNCLEcontest

Speaking of the marathon, the OFFICIAL Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon training gear is out. I have to admit, this race has some pretty stylish clothing. When the expo comes, I have a hard time resisting the urge to buy everything.

Official Training Gear
Official Training Gear

Stop by here tomorrow to bid on some items for the virtual bake sale! We are nearing $1,000 raised for Jordan’s Family Foundation.

110 days and counting, don’t forget to register for the Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon and start training!


5 thoughts on “Cleveland Marathon Training Week 1: I Can I Will

  1. that 26.2 shirt is super cute! i can totally see you wearing that. great week of training! i like your method of getting your LR done on friday evening if you can… that’s a great idea! wish i was a better evening runner than i am so i could give it a try. i can never stay focused!

  2. I LOVE the title of this blog post! That spin class Sunday morning was AWESOME, I wish I could create an atmosphere like that in my classes. It’s so much easier when you can ride in the dark and just focus on you and the bike. At the gym I teach at, it’s not possible to darken the area the class is held in. Windows + open area does not equal best space for a spin class. Not to mention mirrors. ….I digress!
    Good luck training this week and see you Sunday!

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