Cleveland Marathon Training Week 2: Super Tired and Pinterest Workouts

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The beginning of the week was a little rough for me. I was completely exhausted by the time Wednesday came around. I cut my Wednesday and Thursday workouts short and got some more sleep. By the end of the week I felt much better. This is why rest is important during your training.

SweatWeek 2: 5/6 runs on a treadmill, 3 days of 600 meter swims and 2 days of spinning!

If we don't have a polar vortex we have snow. Cleveland winter is really giving it to us this year.
If we don’t have a polar vortex we have snow. Cleveland winter is really giving it to us this year.

Monday: 5 mile run and 1 hour spin (Ryan came to spin too!)
Tuesday: Speedwork-1 mile WU, 6-800s, 1 mile CD. 600 Meter swim
Wednesday: 3 slow miles and early to bed.

"Why are you in bed so early?"
“Why are you in bed so early?”

Thursday: 3.2 miles in the am and 2.2 miles after work. 600 meter swim.
Friday: 16 mile treadmill run. I did awesome for the first 12 miles, the last 4 miles were a little rough but that’s expected on a treadmill.
Saturday: 4 mile trail run. I hated every minute of it. It was too snowy out and the uneven surface was bothering my IT bands. When I got home I had horrible shin splints from running on the hard uneven snow. A 600 meter swim helped to loosen me up though.

View at the end of my trail run.
View at the end of my trail run.

After running and swimming, Ryan and I had to head to the eastside of Cleveland to work on our next fundraiser and were lucky to have time to stop at Sweetie Fry for lunch. Ryan had the Gorgonzola and Tabasco fries, I had the Parmesan and truffle oil fries. They have ice cream too but I didn’t have room for both 😦 I recommend checking this place out if you haven’t already though.

Sweetie Fry
Sweetie Fry

Sunday: 20 minutes of arm work which was a bad idea before a 1 hour spin class and lots of strength training before the super bowl game.

Total Mileage: 39.4

Fellow Cleveland Marathon Blogger Beal came over to watch the super bowl game with us. Bodhi is a big fan of Beal and usually cuddles up with him.

Beal with Bodhi and drinking a Bodhi!
Beal with Bodhi and drinking a Bodhi!

I even had some time to play my tambura this week. Bodhi rotated between cuddling with me while I played and trying to lick the strings.

IMG_3576I did the “Sexy Toned Arms in 6 Weeks” workout as my strength training on Sunday. I’ll likely do this one for the next 6 weeks since it is easy to do and easy to remember. I used 8lb weights and did 20 reps and did the workout twice.

I couldn't find where this originated from since the pinterest link didn't work.
I couldn’t find where this originated from since the pinterest link didn’t work.

I also did this “Dumbbell Blast” workout and it was a lot harder than I thought it would be. I ended up switching from 8lb weights to 5lb weights at the end.

Fit Sugar
Fit Sugar

Both of those strength workouts I found on Pinterest!

Have you ever used pinterest workouts before? Yes many times!
What is your favorite strength training routine? I get bored with strength training so I am always switching it up!
Anyone use swimming in their running training? I’m completely hooked lately!

6 thoughts on “Cleveland Marathon Training Week 2: Super Tired and Pinterest Workouts

  1. Any advice for a first-time spinner? I’ve been wanting to try it for awhile, and the LA Fitness that I belong to has a class tonight at 5:30, and I decided to go for it. I’m a little nervous, since I’m not super awesome at new workouts…

    1. Spinning is a great workout for anyone at any level! Go to class and don’t be afraid to tell the instructor you are new. They can help you set up your bike so the seat and handle bars are at the right levels. Spin as best you can but if they ask you to turn on the resistance (you’ll learn what that is) go easy on the first couple turns. In no time you’ll be cranking up the resistance.

  2. I slept in today, too. I finally slept like a rock after a week of not-so-great sleep so I wasn’t even going to bother getting up at 4:40 this morning! Rest is most def important.
    I heart swimming. I wish I had more time for it!

  3. Wow – a 16 mile treadmill run? I nearly died of boredom during my 6 mile run today. How did you do that? Seriously, I’d love any tips on keeping yourself entertained or at least not going crazy while on the mill for so long.

    Right now I’m loving incorporating kettlebells into my strength training routine, but in the past I’ve also loved the Nike workouts that are free and there are so many options!

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