Cleveland Marathon Training Week 3: The Importance of Rest Days

Maybe I'm a drama queen but this was me all day yesterday.
Maybe I’m a drama queen but this was me all day yesterday.

I will fully admit that I hate taking a rest day. I like to go go go and then crash on the couch. However, the past couple weeks I’ve attended at least 2 spin classes a week, running up to 40 miles a week and swimming 3 days a week. This week I even toned it down and took 1 less spin class and 1 less swim day but still knew I needed a full rest day. One of those no running, no cross training, rest days. It was rough and I complained a lot but Bodhi showed me how it was done.

Show off
Show off

Monday: 5 mile run and 1 hour spin
Tuesday: Speedwork-1 mile WU, 6-800s, 1 mile CD. 600 Meter swim
Wednesday: 8 miles

Bodhi in the snow
Bodhi in the snow. The bag is to keep his cast dry.

Thursday: 3 miles in the am and 3 miles after work. 1/2 mile swim. My farthest swim yet and it’s getting easier!
Friday: 17 mile treadmill run. I had some stomach issues up to mile 10. Miles 10-13 creeped by slowly but miles 14-17 flew by and I was done!

I watched multiple episodes of the Boitano Project during my run.

Thanks for getting me through my run HGTV
Thanks for getting me through my run HGTV

Then I tried to refuel with all these goodies.

Post long run goodies
Post long run goodies

The refueling process didn’t go so well. After long runs I always feel sick to my stomach. My plan next time is to have a smoothie post long run and see if that goes any better.
Saturday: 4 easy miles and a massage
Sunday: Rest Day.

Total Mileage: 46 miles

The next time I schedule a rest day I will do so on a work day where I have lots to do. Scheduling my rest day on a day where I had nothing was torture. I had to tell myself that rest days prevent burnout, prevent illness, restore glycogen levels and PREVENT INJURY!

In case you missed how I survive my treadmill workouts, you can get caught up here!

How many rest days do you take a week? I used to take at least 2 but now it’s at least 1

9 thoughts on “Cleveland Marathon Training Week 3: The Importance of Rest Days

  1. I take two rest days and never feel bad! You’re such a go-getter though! When I plan to workout and something happens, then I get a little bent out of shape. Other than that I’m all good with couch time! And I just love your dog, he is adorable. How long does he have to wear that cast? Poor thing!

  2. I usually take two rest days. Monday because my legs are usually still smashed from running long and Friday because it’s Friday and I want to have a beer [not workout] after the close of a long work week.

    I feel like Bodhi has had that cast on FOREVER. Poor guy! Also, what are your thoughts on the new Oreos? I’ve heard mixed reviews.

    1. I used to always rest on Mondays and Fridays but then I started doing my long runs on Fridays so I could sleep in on Saturdays 🙂
      The oreos were good but it’s rare that we eat them so it’s not something that we will keep in the house. I liked the cookie dough ones better but I hear a lot of people like the marshmallow ones better. I think people like the marshmallow ones better because they rarely eat vanilla oreos.

  3. I take 1-2 rest days a week. AT LEAST one. My body needs it!
    You and Ryan are troopers with Bodhi and his cast. I’m sure you both can’t wait until he’s finally healed and back to 100%!

  4. Killer week of training girl, you are doing awesome with you running and all that cross training too!

    I typically take 1-2 rest days a week, depends on the week. Some weeks I will do more double days just so I can get an extra rest day\. I don’t love and I don’t hate rest days but I do know that I need them

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