2014 Chili Bowl 5K

For years the Chili Bowl 5K was held at Tower City, last year it was moved to the Galleria and this year it was held in Tremont. Even with the potholes, running on brick roads, freezing cold weather and hills, I loved this course. Many others probably did not feel the same way so maybe I was just excited to run in Tremont.

Source: Hermes Cleveland Facebook
Source: Hermes Cleveland Facebook

I went into this race without a goal time because it was the first race of the year but I was also dreading going. It’s freezing outside and all of my runs have been on the treadmill for the past few weeks. I pretty much only signed up because I run this race every year and I wanted to see where my fitness level was at.

After a 1.5 mile warm up, I was still cold but took off my layers. I planned to run in tights with a long sleeve shirt and a jacket over that and 2 pairs of gloves. I forgot handwarmers but they would have came in handy for this race.

Mile 1: I didn’t hear the gun go off but everyone in front of me took off so I did too. This kind of helped with my pre-race nerves. I had lined up exactly where I should so I was in a good pace off the bat. I hate when fast runners start really far back and go blowing past you and I hate when walkers or slower runners are in the front. Line up accordingly and ask those around you what their pace is so that you know where to go.

Mile 2: I had just passed the guy dressed up as a giant Chili, which could have been embarrassing if he beat me. I was then passed by my friend Frank and looked at my watch and saw 6:51. Not a bad pace and to be honest I felt like I was taking my good old time. Completely zoned out, but then came out of my zone as we ran over a slippery brick road. Luckily it was a small section.

Can barely see me back there.

Mile 3: Slowed to about a 7:02 pace and still felt easy. Please let it be all the swimming and spinning I have been doing. I was on pace for a killer time at this point. However, there was a hill up ahead and I saw the hill during my warm up so I knew it was going to be tough. I’m proud at how well I tackled the hill but you didn’t have much to recover before you headed up another hill. After that it was all flat. I think.

I love this picture!
I love this picture!

Official Finish Time: 21:46 and 3rd in my age group!!!!! I’ve tried for years to place in my age group at this race but there is always stellar competition so I never do. I think the cold temps kept some fast runners away but I won’t complain 😉 Towards the end of this race I could have and should have picked it up but I was afraid I didn’t have it in me. Looking back, I did and will have to push myself harder in the end. Still happy with my finish time for the first race of the year!

Hoodies and sweatpants are my warm up and cool down gear in this weather.
Hoodies and sweatpants are my warm up and cool down gear in this weather.

After a 3 mile hilly cooldown, Ryan is training for Boston so I decided we should run hills that day, I almost missed the awards! Seriously, they were packing up when I got there! On the way there one of our friends said I got 3rd in my age group and I assumed they meant Ryan!

I've put this shirt and glass through workouts this year. Definitely getting my use out of them already.
I’ve put this shirt and glass through workouts this year. Definitely getting my use out of them already.

Do you race in the cold? Do you run with a goal pace or finish time in mind or just run?

4 thoughts on “2014 Chili Bowl 5K

  1. Awesome race and congrats on the AG placing!! Winter races are tricky, I try not to see hard time goals because you NEVER know what could happen. If the weather isn’t TOO bad or TOO cold though I’ll set a smaller goal range and try and land somewhere in there.

    P.S. Hopefully we can meet up when you are Ryan are in Boston!

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