Cleveland Marathon Training Week 5: Sore Heels

I hope you all saw the new course maps, I’m still beaming with excitement about this course. I’m lucky to live and know the area and can get some training runs done on a majority of the course now.

Love this!
Love this!

Monday: 5 Mile run and 1 hour spin
Tuesday: Speed work on the treadmill 7-800s  (6.3 total miles with Warm up and Cool down) and 1/2 mile swim
Wednesday: 4 miles in the am and 4 miles in the pm and 1 hour of core and strength work.
Thursday: 3 mile run in the am, 3 mile run in the pm. 1/2 mile swim
Friday: 7.25 outside with Francesca and 9.75 on the treadmill=17 total
Saturday: 5 mile run and 1/2 mile swim
Sunday: 1 hour spin and 1 hour core and strength work

Total mileage: 47.3

All but 1 of my runs was on a treadmill and with every treadmill run I love it more. When I finally ran outside my legs couldn’t slow down, which I hope is a good sign for future races I have coming up. I didn’t think my legs would do 7-800s so soon after the 5K I did but they did!

I got my Official blogger shirt in the mail this week
I got my Official blogger shirt in the mail this week

Overall I had a pretty good training week, nothing crazy and had my best swim ever on Saturday. Swimming is still very new to me. I just started in January and planned to go once a week. That quickly turned into 3 days a week and I went from barely being able to swim for 15 minutes (like hanging onto the wall huffing and puffing and every part of my body completely exhausted) to swimming 30 minutes with no problem.

However, I’m having a teeny tiny problem with the heels of my feet. For some reason they are sore, probably from pounding on them while running and wearing flats the majority of the time. So I’m canceling my run tonight and will play it by ear for the week. I should be able to get most of my workouts in still. It’s definitely not anything to worry about, some ice and ibuprofen will fix it right up.

Bodhi cuddles also help sore heels I've heard
Bodhi cuddles also help sore heels I’ve heard

Has anyone supplemented their training with Spinning or swimming? Have you noticed a difference in your performances after doing so?


6 thoughts on “Cleveland Marathon Training Week 5: Sore Heels

  1. well you probably know where I’m going in with this…it is so critical to crosstrain. This is how I stumbled into triathlon. Alternating a hard run day with a swim day is awesome. Bike fitness translates to run fitness so on the days you spin you’re still building up for your run. Watch that heel lady. Keep the PF at bay! Happy Training!

    1. Luckily it is the bottom of my foot heel and not the back of my heel. I think my whole bottom of my foot is sore but I can easily massage out the balls of my feet. The heels are a little hard to massage.

  2. OMG. I remember my first swim. I was like “how the heck am I supposed to do this for a half hour, or more???” – but it’s SO GOOD for your body. I love it. I just wish I had more time for it!

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