Cleveland Marathon Training Week 7: No training season is without injury.

Last week’s training was less than ideal. The heel pain I was dealing with started to get worse. I decided to take some time off running. At this point in my training a week or 2 off will not hurt me, especially if I can keep up with my cross training.

Just to be safe though:

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Monday: 3 easy miles, I wanted 5 but the heels didn’t feel right so I shut running down.
Tuesday: 900 meter swim
Wednesday: Rest Day
Thursday: 1000 meter swim and my first graston appointment
Friday: abs and arms
Saturday: 16.2 mile run. (1 mile warm up, 14.4 mile race, 1ish mile cooldown)

Me during the Green Jewel 50K relay!
Me during the Green Jewel 50K relay!

Sunday: Abs and arms

Total Mileage: 19.2

I have to admit that I am a little upset about this minor setback. However, I’m proud of myself for backing off and resting. Running through this injury and making it worse is not the way to go. Resting it and taking care of it, gives me a chance to save my spring marathon.

The injury: Beginning stages of plantar fasciitis. Not super painful but annoyingly agitating. This is my first time dealing with this injury so it’s very new to me.

The plan: Less running. I’m taking my running to 3 days a week for the next couple weeks. If the heels do ok with this, I’ll increase to 4 days a week. My key workouts will be my speedwork and long run. If I can get those in I will be happy.

The Graston Plan: I had some ART done on my calves to loosen them up and Graston on the bottoms of my feet. This was uncomfortable to have done and the next day was very painful but it allowed me to run long and hard on Saturday. It’s crazy the things runners will do to run. I have another appointment for graston this week and I’m a little scared after the last session.

How do you deal with injuries during training? Ever had Graston done?

7 thoughts on “Cleveland Marathon Training Week 7: No training season is without injury.

  1. Planter Fasciitis is miserable, it’s plagued me off and on for years. The quicker you can get off your feet and stop the pain, the better. Hopefully you can stop the pain before it gets worse and really causes injury.

  2. So I ran my first 5-miler on Saturday and Sunday and today have been miserable with pain… mostly in my heels. I have never had an injury but I also don’t know if my running form is good so I’m switching my week’s plan so I can rest my feet for a day or two. I’m going to try spinning tonight at least. I’m also googling plantar whatever you called it just because I have no idea what that is and hope I don’t have it!

  3. Look at us, both dealing with injuries we have never had before. Glad you are getting treatment done and still rocking cross training. I had graston done on my IT band a few years ago and while it was painful it really did help.

  4. Woof…so sorry to hear this happened! Not that I’m training for any runs to the extent that you are, but I have recurring issues with my lower back/sciatic nerve. Last January, I wrenched it pretty badly getting out of my car–of all things–and the fact that I had to take almost two weeks totally off from running was terrible. It’s hard not to spiral into gloominess when that happens, even though it was better for my back! Hope your heel gets better soon!

  5. I had PF in 2012 shortly after I started running and I went nuts while on vacation and ran a lot of miles on consecutive days. I rolled my foot over a golf ball for 20-30 minutes per night while watching TV. This helped a LOT! This happened during the summer, and I’d actually carry the ball with me and do it at work during long meetings when I wore sandals. Hope you feel better soon!

  6. In addition to stretches and getting it worked on, it might be worthwhile to utilize some sort of structured insert in your running shoes until it goes away. Freezing a water bottle and using it to roll your feet on will give you massage plus icing and should feel good. Feel better.

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