Cleveland Marathon Training Week 10: Let’s Not Call It A Comeback

Although the mileage was low this week, it was 75% painfree! The plan is to do another week similar to this mileage and if everything continues painfree, I can increase my mileage again!

Monday: Rest Day
Tuesday: SpeedWork, 1 mile WU, 6-400s, 1 mile CD, 800 meter swim
Wednesday: 3 miles
Thursday: 1,350 meter swim (54 pool laps, so close to a mile swim!)
Friday: Rest Day
Saturday: 10 mile long run
Sunday: OutRun Hunger 5K (5 miles for the day)

Cruising in the 5K

Cruising in the 5K

Total Mileage: 22 Miles

Every time I am injured all I can think about is how big of a spot running has in my life. I mean that in the best possible way because I truly love running.

Life is better in running shoes. #clemarathon

Although we had yet another snow storm over the weekend, it seems that warm temps are on the way!

About Jessica M.

30 something runner from Cleveland, OH. I am an avid runner, marathon maniac, Boston Marathoner and an Ironman! I have completed 15 marathons (16 if you include the Ironman) and am an Official Blogger for the Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon. I am also a Proud ambassador for Nuun I enjoy traveling, running, my Croatian heritage, Hokas, baking, playing tambura, reading, sno cones, cevapi, anything pumpkin flavored, swedish fish, napolitanke, craft beer, kit kats, smoothies, chips & salsa, Kinder chocolates, racing, marshmallows, my amazing husband and our dogs Bodhi & Bandit. Both are named after Columbus Brewing Beers. Contact me at:
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3 Responses to Cleveland Marathon Training Week 10: Let’s Not Call It A Comeback

  1. I hope warmer temps find you soon! Also hoping this week is more pain free for you!

  2. supereli23 says:

    You better knock out your plantar fasciitis soon or else this PT’s fingers are going to find her way to the bottoms of your feet! And you don’t want to experience that pleasure🙂

  3. Jason says:

    Nice! Pain-free is a good thing!!

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