Boston Day 1

In 2010 I ran the Boston Marathon, in 2012 Ryan ran the Boston Marathon and in 2014 Ryan ran the Boston Marathon again! It’s starting to become an every 2 yr vacation for us and I’m perfectly ok with that. (or every year that either one of us qualifies).

Crossing Bridges on the drive
Crossing Bridges on the drive

Instead of flying to Boston this year we decided to drive so that we could have a car to get around while we were there and also so that we could take as much stuff with us as we wanted. (or take a lot back with us since there seem to be quite a few beer stores in Boston).

Yes I love bridges
Yes I love bridges

I’m not sure how long it too us to get to Boston but we made awesome time the entire drive until we hit the downtown Boston traffic. But what could you expect with a Holiday weekend and Boston Marathon weekend.

We immediately checked into our hotel and hit up a close craft beer bar that we had heard a lot about, Lord Hobo. Although Lord Hobo was only 1 mile from our hotel, it took an hour to get there and  find parking. We thought by being outside of the city of Boston we would be free of traffic and crazy parking. However, it was worth the wait.

photo 5(1)It was pretty dark inside so my pictures didn’t come out that great but we did get great seats at the bar.

photo 4(2)And in case you were wondering, we are both missing Bodhi like crazy. It’s hard to be without our main dude.

photo 1(3)I did a lot of running in Boston, cant wait to post my training recaps!

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